The Huayra in the great rock “Jujeño Exodus?

Another artist of the local folklore is Caesar Maráz, who will present/display his last record work. In addition, Diableros and Copleros

An interesting artistic billboard will take place to 22 tonight, within the framework of the great rock “Jujeño Exodus? that will be realized in the Gaucha Association Under the Vine.

Soul jujeña, Caesar Maráz, Diableros and Copleros will be the entertainers of one night clarified with the best folklore of our means.

The young song of the boys of Jujeña Soul will see in the scene of the rock through zambas, farmers and bailecitos proposed for the occasion.

Another artist of the local folklore is Caesar Maráz, who will present/display his last record work. In addition, Diableros and Copleros also will raise the scene to share a warm moment by means of their compositions.

Finally, as finishing touch, the evening counts on the presence of the Huayra, the joint recognized one of Jumps that Mud Code will offer its repertoire with the songs of its flaming titled disc “?, presented/displayed recently in our province.

For morning, it will continue the celebration with the best thing of the traditional folklore in charge of “the Chango? Bellido, the Strangers of the Chaco, the Sauzales and the Zamba, with the magnificent closing of the Changos.

“The Chango? Bellido will abrirá the night and will give its carpera music for the most traditionalistic public, through zambas, farmers and cats, yet the sound of his bandoneón.

The Strangers of the Chaco also will engalanarán the night with a demonstration of their musical work carried out from traditional with the offered proposal in supervisory and anniversary celebrations of centers the gauchos.

From He jumps, will arrive the Sauzales to recall successes and to delight to all in the finery where also the song of Aldo will be listened to the Zamba, native group of “the Rep it of the Branch?.

In order to finalize the attractive celebration by a new anniversary of the Jujeño Exodus, they will close the night the Changos, that after a year will return to touch in the rock of the Gaucha Association Under the Vine, that also will offer regional meals for the assistants.


(idem. /Drama Argentina 2010/105 min. approx)
Director: Pablo Ragman - with: Ricardo Darín, Martina Gusmán, Darío Valenzuela
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: Castilian
Subtitles: English and Castilian

Soda (Darín) is a lawyer (with suspended license) who spends his nights to the hunting of the infortunadas victims of traffic accidents. It is a owl that like the back of her hand knows the operativity ambulances and sanatoriums. Its work consists of arriving before nobody, helping to help the victims and to orient the situation in favor of the corporation for which it works. It is more, collaborates in mounting “accidents? with the purpose of to swindle to the insurers. The caught one is great and in her it has involved judges and police. Until the arrival of Luján doctor (Gusmán) to its life does that I reframed myself if his is to obtain with the other people's misfortune. To do the correct thing and to leave so impure business will have a high cost for the lawyer.
After his great work with “Leonera?, Pablo Ragman follows in his eagerness to ficcionalizar heartrendering, real, urban dramas, and in setting out the human conducts against the situations limits. Without obtaining the narrative forcefulness of previous works, Ragman guesses right in the climate handling and maintaining the attention of the chronicle spectator certain with which they have it to the reporters familiarized.

The best thing: to say Darín, it is not a obviedad?
The worse thing: that Ragman continues promising to be to jump at the next level: sort cinema.

Qualification: GOOD

(The losers/the 105 Action USA 2010/min. approx)
Director: Sylvain White - with: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldaña, Chris Evans
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: English and Castilian
Subtitles: Castilian and English

A extreme commando of the Yankee military, specialized in suicidal missions cuasi is sent to Bolivian territory with the purpose of to disarticulate the operations of a powerful narcotics trafficker. What it seems to be a mission to the use, is in fact one facade perpetrated by corrupt jerarca of the company, that persecutes its own multimillionaire interests, to the point of being a potential threat for the world. The soldiers are given by deads, but in fact they stay hidden in the shades in the hope of the opportunity that allows them to take revenge itself of the man who tried to eliminate them.
Cradle in a Comic-Book of seal DC, “the losers? is a self-sufficient film of action, with script of Peter Berg (Hancock), who without car to demand itself much more that the simple rules of the sort, entertain with right doses of humor and violence.

The best thing: that, within the same sort, it is superior to recent (and ordinary) “the Brigade To?
The worse thing: what, in spite of their attractiveness, Zoe Saldaña (Transformation) is so flacucha.

Qualification: PASSABLE

(idem. /fantasy, comedy, the 110 suspension USA 1984/min. approx)
Director: Joe Dante - with: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton, Keye Luke
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: English and Castilian
Subtitles: Castilian and English

Billy (Zach Galligan) finishes receiving from its father, mediocre inventor, the gift estrambótico than a young person can try for Christmases: a strange and hairy being. Only that, this comes with a series of not less strange warnings: not to wet it, not to expose it to the strong light and, mainly, not to feed it after the midnight. By all means, the rules are made to break themselves, and the consequences will be diabolically funny. Now, everything a town is at the mercy of the mortal pranks of gremlins.
That to say of this classic one of the ochentero familiar cinema. The sum of talents of Spielberg in the production, Chris Columbus (My poor little angel, Harry Potter and the philosopher stone) in the script and the brilliant Joe Dante (Piraña, Looney Tunes again in action) in the direction, do for all time of this film one of the favorites and by all the public. Finally published in DVD in Argentina.

The best thing: everything, and especially the preciosura of Phoebe Cates.
The worse thing: that there is not chances that the sequel that comes (in 3D) it is going to equal (in quality) to this.
Qualification: EXCELLENT
Sergio A. Villanueva. -

Three “black Women? in a scenic therapy

The work, directed by the actress Ana Maria Parodi, will be released today, to 21,30, in the Hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349).

“Black Women? are the name of the theater piece of Luis Mansilla who the actress salteña Ana Maria Parodi chose to lower of the tables and to put itself in a place that enjoys much, but that very not very often had the opportunity to occupy: the direction. An agile text that allowed to shoot its imagination and next to three great actresses like Mary Gervino, Solitude Perez the Fernandez and Graciela him Valls, who give life him to the protagonists of the work, it headed an artistic project that was developed two months ago and that, after several weekly hours of reading and tests, east weekend will be able to be enjoyed. “Black Women? will be released today, to 21,30, in the Hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349), and will recover Saturday, to 22 and Sunday, 20.

Ana Maria Parodi is synonymous of theater experienced in Jumps; an actress recognized in our means and a cultural manager who not only reopened the doors of the forgotten Hall Auditorium, but also that maintain it alive. A woman who in her years of trajectory incarnated the diverse personages and than, this time, chose to put itself across and to direct.

By third time, after “gypsy Moon? (2006) and “Hormones? (2008), she returns to the roll of director to the front of three women, Gervino, Perez the Fernandez and Valls, who developed each personage perfectly. “Itself experimenting in the direction because it enchants to me, I do not know I do if it or or not because the approval must to me give it the public. To direct is like acting: it is learned walking in the scene?, emphasized.

“Black Women? reflect about the lived thing: the frustration of the dreams, the sleeplessness, the personal devaluation and the direct relation with the sexual and existential dissatisfaction of three women: Mrs of Mández (Mary Gervino), Mrs of Godoy (Solitude Perez Fernandez) and Mrs of the Garci'as (Graciela Valls), who hide their own weaknesses after a mercy mask and devotion. The work presents/displays situations seen with a humor touch that allows “to pass the warning? over daily events lived by men and women, during many effective generations and in some homes pertaining to ancestrally chauvinistic societies. The reality and the imaginary one constructed by prejudices and repressions in each one of the protagonists and the daily conjugal insults, construct the thread of dramatic tension, to never show a violence of so common sort that always it happens inadvertent and is the mediatic news.

An agile and stirring text

“I liked much the argument of the work because she helped to shoot the imagination me. It is a quite agile text to which it is possible to be put I touch to him of humor although it does not approach a graceful subject. These problematic ones, that is so barren, if you do not pass them with humor you do not pass them?, commented Ana Maria, who in addition emphasized the commitment that the actresses assumed she summoned since them to work together. “The idea of the director is always complemented with the contributions of the actors. Like actress, it liked never me they direct that me like a puppet that she must copy to others, I always preferred to make my contribution creative?, added.

Behind the putting in scene a team of people exists that is in charge of the technical part. Manuel Omen is in charge of the illumination and Jorge Aragon of maquillaje, whereas the clothes were designed by the list.

Maximum Quartet Jazz in the Coffee of the Return

The band will touch from the 23,30, a special repertoire.

Maximum Quartet Jazz is the band that today will touch in the Coffee of the Return (Senator Perez 178) from the 23.30.

Prestige comes from the hand of the talent of its members: Top Sanchez de Bustamante, in guitar; Alomías Lizárraga, in saxo; Bacho Auad, in action; and Vernal Luis, in low.

In this opportunity they will interpret a repertoire integrated by subjects of, Django Reinhardt, Miles Davis, Luis Bernail, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Chick Korea and Herbie Hancock.

“Arráncame the life?

One of the most successful musical comedies of the last times in Argentina, “Arráncame the life?, of Novarro Boy.

One of the most successful musical comedies of the last times in Argentina, “Arráncame the life?, from Novarro Boy, arrives at Jujuy to appear tomorrow to 21,30 in the greater room of the Miter Theater. In this new version of the spectacle, the protagonists are two of the wished morochos more of the small screen, the actors and singers, Juan Darthes and Cecilia Milone.

“Arráncame the life? is a history of love with music and boleros. The piece was released by the end of 1991 in the room of the Foundation Patricios Bank, and in his first and successful stage their protagonists were Andrea Tenuta and the own Novarro Boy. The musical comedy the same harvested applause and praises, becoming a success without precedents during several years to full theater, and the different rooms in which it imagined.

But also “Arráncame the life? is a sincere tribute to the composers and poets who knew to translate that feeling, singing to him to the heart with inspired words and beautiful melodies, that last in the soul and the memory of our towns.

Authors like Agustín Lara, Julio Gutiérrez, Alvaro Cheek, and other great ones of the romantic song were summoned in this history, where the plot thread arises from those own unforgettable letters, when a pair of actors is united and it separates, is and desencuentra, for the sake of its passion.

You silverplate them paid attention to $120, social gathering $80, gallery $50y theater boxes $500.

The Miter Theater sent the promotion that consists of which buying an entrance for “Arráncame the life?, the spectator can acquire two to see “the Mirasoles? the next weekend, to price of one.


The LOVER of Jean-Jacques Annaud
by Sergio A. Villanueva

“It had not imagined absolutely that the death of the Chinese could take place, the death of its body, its skin, its sex, its hands. During a year I encountered again the times of the passage of the Mekong in the ferry of Vinh-Long?. - Marguerite Duras - Paragraph of the prolog of the novel “the lover of the China of the north? for the reedición of 1991.

Marguerite Duras/the writer the omnipresent voice of Jean Moreau, like that one other Marguerite (younger) in “Hiroshima Mon amour? of Resnais, whose script would write the same Marguerite… all one, all she, and so many daisies do of this remembranza a garden… a warm garden.
She is not, Marguerite. We play that it is not it; no, the French young person colegiala (Jane March), absorbed in those indochinos, primitive and village landscapes; although, if, he is it.
Adolescent: because exhala in the form of and humid breath suffers from that exotic erotic beauty that; through its fleshy lips, of its fragile humanity, its small and perfect chests, their ardent hips, virginal his pubis, its all disturbing one.
Adolescent: because he causes pain he sees which it and wishes it at first sight. Like the Chinese man (Tony Leung), the wealthy, the occasional companion, that one invites that it to accompany it in its luxurious automobile model thirty and so many, while they cross a river, seated in the back seat, clearing its hands with others, anxious, on a hull… of Indochina to Saigón.
The appointment becomes, tacit.
It looks for it to the Chinese, gathers doors the outskirts of the boarding school. It leads it to that furtive room prepared to the love. The young meat is rebelled and exploded, explored, known, adhered; the juice; the surfaces; the different skins become one and the genital universes are complemented. The girl lets itself satisfy and moaned his they are hieratic, pleasantly: painful. The pleasure surpasses the pain and nothing else it matters. The white, French girl, and her Chinese lover.
But, he and all their money and all their European education does not reach. It is inferior. The family of tolerates it to the young person, hardly; their brothers, their mother, support, only because that is a ticket cascade (his) portfolio of fine leather, the one to it that it extracts of the pocket of (his) elegant pants, when dinner pays, the drunkennesses, the meneos, the Fox-trot. The humiliation is great and the Chinese rich poor man, also… tolerates.
From return to the room, to the confinement of the lovers, he strikes it to the man he puts under and it and he receives it to the girl in if, with crazy anxieties, innocent sadomasochism, ingenuous lust not less extreme.
Finally, the Chinese gives itself to his traditions, in which there is no place for a French girl. But, perhaps one is love? Only of meat? The uncontrollable passion, the sweated honeys of the pleasure, bodies. Confused, the feelings become vulnerable.
The girl must go away, must flee to France, must move away her body of the other; to escape of the masculine lips crossed that it, smoothed that it, covered that it with juice; to escape of the sex exploded that it in thousand pieces; to escape of the being who made an impression on his innocent heart. To escape, without being able to do it.
Everything is in her, her eyes, their lips and their mind; the ardent tracks.
The pleasure lasts in the memory of its body (everything), equal: the love.

Marguerite Duras wrote in dawn of the eighty this autobiography. In her novelizó a confession of decades, a history of unforgettable love, delivery, seduction. Its small great history of love of French adolescent in the ex- Indochina, today Vietnam, of the Thirties. The writer described, in precise and as cinematographic scenes as they were possible, expert of such language and owner of one prosa riquísima in the application of details, his relation with a greater, wealthy, native man of the place. But, to the essence of the surrounding eroticism she surrounded, it in a subtle mantle of lyricism. A treaty of dual love: encapullado ardor (delicately) in poetry.
Almost one decade later, in 1989, appeared in scene the third party in discord. The prestigious French producer Jean-Jacques Annaud faced the project “the lover? (L' amant, The Lover) as a challenge for the senses. He expressed from the essence of the novel, all the lujuriosa and profligate sensuality hidden in the story. The suggested thing by Hard made meat and woke up its wrath.
The writer understood the adaptation like glorification of the pornography: (opportune) the bad interpretation of a history of separated lovers by the difference. Annaud, connoisseur at any cost of those prosaic codes, those desires transfigurados in adjacent memories, penetrated further on in private of “the lover of the China of the north?. Annaud, extracted the human material, exhibiting the enamored, nailed woman in the time as a result of the suspended love. Oda returned all that powerful sensual, explicit, tender and stirringly heartrendering lyricism in one. Annaud turned the confessions of Hard, in a treaty of irrevocable love, a contemplative and disquieting piece on the possibilities of the nonforgetfulness of those sensations that the lovers mark fire in their bodies and, the still more heartless thing, in its souls.
“The lover? reformulated itself thus in another work, as evocativa as that one novel. To the impetuous beauty of the poetry of the writing of Hard, Annaud annexed the sensitivity to him of its visual expresividad; its sexual interpretation adhered to him. And thus, betraying it, it granted him meat to which written it was a spiritual manifesto of the eternal love.

Grand Ballet in the tables of the Miter

The finery will be to benefit of students who become qualified in the Theater Columbus. It will be realized tomorrow from the 21.

Tomorrow to 21 Grand will appear “Ballet? in the greater room of the Miter Theater, with choreographic versions of ballets of universal classic repertoire like Nutcrackers, Don Quixote, Giselle, Copellia, and the Sílfides, organized by the School of Dance “Fontenla Norm?. The putting will include modern dance, in a choreographic creation of Arquiza Franc, with the support of the teacher Miguel Alvarez in piano.

Also the Recovery, directed by Sebastián Canavire will be a group of tango of the denominated school. The presentation will be realized to benefit of the qualification that realizes students of the institution in the Theater Columbus and the National University Institute of the Arts of Buenos Aires. The ex- students and dancers who were invited, and to who will benefit with the putting, are Frank Arquiza, Yamil Sajama, and Rubén Ayala. The spectacle will count on the participation of students of the “Fontela Norm?, between which small ones stand out three. It is anticipated to show which is the beginning and as they evolve in the dance. The coordination of the spectacle is in charge of Patricia Toranzo, and the artistic direction of Miya Schonthal. The entrance will cost 15 pesos.

Tuesday of cinema

It will be exhibited to 19 and 22 in the Room Gallant (high of the Miter), the film “Goya, a italoespañola production directed by Carlos Saura.

Today, in the cycle Everything is music of “Tuesdays of cinema? will be exhibited to 19 and 22 in the Room Gallant (high of the Miter), the film “Goya?, a italoespañola production directed by Carlos Saura (it photographs).

It is carried out by Francisco Rabal, Crowned Jose, Maribel Verdú, Eulalia Ramon, Dafne Fernandez, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Joaquin Clement, Jose Maria Pou, Pedro Azorín and Thorny Cristina.

The film relates that to the 82 years, exiled in Bordeaux, next to Leocadia Zorrilla de Weiss, the last one of his lovers, Francisco de Goya it reconstructs for his daughter Rosary the events that marked their life. A emponzoñadas life in that political convulsions follow one another, passions and the ecstasy of the fame.

Also it will recall to his unique love, the duchess of Dawn, a woman who redibujó its life and the history of its time, and whose existence will be truncated by the poison of the conspiracies.

The entrance to the functions will be completely free for all public, with a voluntary contribution monetary, optative and limitless.

The cycle is organized by the Mozarteum Jujuy and the direction of the Miter theater.

In Culturarte

Today to 19, in first stage of Culturarte, the film will be exhibited “the other people's Gods?, of the director Roman Viñoly Barreto. The activity register within the framework of the cycle of Argentine classic films on Jujuy and Salta.
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