25º Provincial Celebration of the Theater Jujuy 2009

It will be developed with the participation of fifteen works that will compete by a place in the regional instance.

Yesterday in press conference, the organizers of 25º Provincial Celebration of the Theater, gave details of this annual competition that sets out to select the works will represent that us in the two instances following of the greater encounter of independent theater, the Regional Celebration (that this year is made in Jujuy) and the National Celebration that place in some province not yet confirmed will take earlier next year.

The celebration is a competitive encounter that promotes the National Institute of the Theater and counts on the coorganization of the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of the Province of Jujuy.

This year the encounter will extend from the 8 to the 13 of this month in our capital city, and the functions of participant works will be realized in the room of the Theater Miter (greater and “Raul Gallant?), in the Theater of the Return of the Century, in center Cultural “Pasquini Lopez?, in the Belgrano place, in center Cultural Culturarte, and in the School Province of Theater “Tito War?.

“This year we want to celebrate the 25 years of the celebration, arriving at 25 cities?, explained Rodolfo Pacheco, “for that different programs from theater have been integrated that has the province and the municipality inhabitant of the capital, to rotate by the interior the works that comprise of the work?.

Also they have been integrated to the celebration, programs of theater of the National Institute of the Theater as “INT presents/displays? and “the theater invites?; social programs like the activities that we developed in the Penitentiary Service and the social dining rooms and the School “Sun and Art?; and activities of the Provincial School of Theater “Tito War? and of the Teaching staff of Theater, that this year turn the tenth anniversary; etc.

It is possible to mention that basically the Provincial Celebration of Theater is the presentation of productions jujeñas of independent theater, to choose the three best ones than they will go to the regional instance, but that the activities are completed with qualifications, work presentations invited of other provinces, work presentations jujeñas in adhesion (which they do not enter the competition), tributes to outstanding jujeños actors in these 25 years of the celebration, etc.

Pacheco announced that this year a total of fifteen puttings participates in competitive form, and six more in adhesion.

The qualifications

The qualification proposals extend beyond the days that the competitive programming lasts. The Factory of Music in the Theater began yesterday, and more ahead they will dictate also to the denominated factories the Theater in the School (on the discipline of the theater in the education), Theater Dances and a Training for Actors.
The celebration will finish with the presentation of one of acclaimed works and with very good critics to national level more, of the prestigious director Rafael Spregelburd who arrives with an important list from Buenos Aires, “Acasuso?.

The provincial director of Culture of Jujuy, Cristina Tula, also participated in the conference, and expressed: “It is important to emphasize the presence of the theater inside the province, when we spoke of federalism, than she happens to us from Jujuy with respect to Buenos Aires, I believe that is important it management to be able to be present in twenty-five cities, in this opportunity?.

In addition she insisted on which this celebration means for the public “to be able to enjoy the theater, an art that transforms to us and it gives the possibility us of growing in many senses, paying a very economic entrance of $8, and $5 for retired students and?.

Daniel Saldaño, coordinator of Program Puqueyuva (Fist, Gorge, Yungas and Valles) that develops Culture of the Province, explained that this proposal also adds to celebration, and which they are going to arrive at many places where never the theater arrived, even some on the back of mule.

Also they were present in the conference, Luis Manero (Miter Theater); Ariel Monterrubianesi (Area Groups of Theater), Erwin Ruiz (Organization Celebration in the Interior) and Ariel Posse Varela (Area Presses and Diffusion).

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

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