“5 xs one = all? celebrate seven years in the coliseo jujeño

He is the unipersonal one that Sergio Etcheverry will represent 22 in the room tonight “Martin Raul Gallant?.

A succession of as dissimilar personages as its histories, where the solitude, the abandonment, the principle and the end of all, are mixed to allow the spectator to think and to see itself reflected in the same, will be able to be observed through the piece that this year celebrates seven years of permanence in poster.

Ingenious, creative, ductile and funny, the actor will be able to laugh and to make laugh without rather appealing to preconceived formulas, but, with a little common freshness that he enchants and he comforts.

Sergio Etcheverry, who will be the one in charge to shape five histories in the scene, as much has an ample trajectory in theater and television like also recent work in cinema by the film “the man that I arrive at a town? from Miguel Pereira Angel.

Their last works were in the election of National Reina of Students 2009, where it personified to the “Winter? and in the successful theater work “Waiting for the Float?, where it interpreted to Antonio.
Then, it realized numerous presentations next to the piece that outside taken to the National Theater Cervantes in Buenos Aires and the House of the Culture of Jumps.

After crossing our province, It jumps, Tucuman, Catamarca, Santiago of the Matting, black River, Formosa, Buenos Aires and Asuncio'n of Paraguay and Paraguay, Sergio Etcheverry it will return to the local scene to put in scene the successful piece awarded with Federal Prize IFC and view by more than 7,000 spectators.

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