Abel Pinto in Jujuy spoke of its growth

The Argentine artist of the folklore in the last had years a evolution towards the contents and in their voice, thanks to the study.

The key is finishing to the promotional tour of its last disc “? and for that reason it prepared for this new presentation (second in the year) in Jujuy, a different spectacle, that it will count not only on the subjects of this work, but also those of all their production.

“The concert is based on touching songs of all the discs. The Key no longer is going to be so protagonist. Reversioné the concept of the presentation so that people are not with just like she saw in May (its previous visit to the province)?, commented Abel Pinto in the press conference that it gave yesterday in Culturarte to announce the Mega Rock that will tomorrow take place in Rural, and in which it will act next to Left of the Cave and the Diablero Pair, among others the local artists.

Abel Pinto was happy for returning for the second time to Jujuy in the same year, mainly after having been long time without visiting our scenes. “In addition very I am been thankful of being able to share the scene with them (talking about to Left and the Diablero Pair), because I admire much?, expressed.

The tour of promotion of “the Key? will conclude in next March, and then, the Argentine folclorista has thought to begin to record a new material.

But year 2010 not only will find it singing in studies and scenes like until now, but also that will put it in the great screen. Abel Pinto made the voice of the protagonist of the film animated in three dimensions, cradle in stories of Horacio Quiroga, that will be published the next year. In the film in addition it sings some songs. “It is very important because besides being directed to the infantile public, it has a fundamental message on the care of the ecology and the forest?, it thought on the production.

On the other hand, it announced also that a series of books is finishing that is writing, and that hopes to be able to present/display in 2011 or 2012. “I want that the presentation has a special form that draws attention, it would like because me to be able to stimulate to youth to the sport of the reading, that is really very important. I was not a great reader, they taught to me to read and they gave a good one me why. To learn to read a book is really very interesting and it abre the head to you of a different way. For that reason I want to stimulate to youth to the same?, told to the press jujeña.

One of books is of poetry. “They are songs that I finished when them did not see the esthetic one him of song, I compiled then them and they became a book because they were enough in amount?, commented. The other book is a novel on a police historical drama; and there is a third party that it defined as “a simple one and humble opinion of experiences of the life that have touched to me. I speak of the happiness, the time, etc.?.

Recently, Abel fulfilled a dream, as he were the one to record as invited in the disc of the Four of Cordova, one of the preferred gruidos of my father, in my house there are vinyls and cassettes of them.

Artistic maturation

Abel Pinto demonstrated on the scene and with its last disc, mainly in both last years, a growth very pronounced in its voice, its esthetic one, its music, its compositions, their proposal generally. It showed a serious musical art with foundations and contents, beyond the popularity was accompanying that it.

This growth, for the public who watches “it after TV? can seem to be due only one question of time and luck (question that is certain in many other more commercial cases), but when the growth has a touch of beauty and depth, it speaks more of something. We asked on its training or its preparation to him for this, and it told us that: “My training began first in vocal form. The fourteen years I began to study song and itself until today (it has twenty-five). Ever since I began to compose I began to also study the technical part, because although one does from a place intuitive, it is good for having theoretical knowledge mainly for repetirte and for not falling always in the same. In addition, for two years I have been studying something of Letters, not from the race, but simply from the intention to introduce me in the world of Literature and the same in the part of the composition from the piano and the guitar. I look for the enrichment of concepts, harmony, and others, even though I create much in the spiritual and emotional nutrition, that gives the intuitive thing me?.

For eleven years it has been in the world of music. “All the stages of to my I lived them life in music. The most eclectic disc in the order of music I in the heat of recorded to the 17 years, at the most eclectic moment of my life, adolescence, when it did not know that it wanted of my life, nor what I liked, and in expressed it to music of that way. Today I am a little more based and more centering in which it has to do with my person and my spirit, and note in music?, explained.

“Music is a channel that I must to express what happens in me?, concluded the young artist.

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