Abel Pinto in the Mega Rock of the Bicentennial

Next to him outstanding artists of Jujuy appear: You take Lipán, the Copleros, the Diableros, the Quebradeños and the Sung one.

With the stellar presence of Abel Pinto, youthful the folkloric artist with greater call in the country, will take place the next Friday 14 of May “the Mega Rock of the Bicentennial? in the cultural complex the Old Station of this one city.

The festival will reunite in addition to the most representative artists of the folklore jujeño, between whom we can emphasize, to the voice of Purmamarca, Lipan Takings, that a spectacle of first level will offer as it has to us customary to vivenciar.

Also the presence of the Copleros stands out, folkloric set that recently returned of a tour by earth mendocinas, representing Jujuy in the Festival of the Grape harvest.

They will be also on the scene of the Old Station, the Diableros, youthful group with excellent projection in the folklore jujeño and connoisseur of great scenes within the provincial festivalera moved one.

In as much the Quebradeños they will arrive from Maimará with its outstanding rate. We remember that the group was revelation of the carnival maimareño and has been ovacionado in the carnavalera rock of the Tekis, in Tilcara and other scenes of the province like thus also of Salta and Tucuman.

The pair jujeño integrated by the Néstor brothers and Oscar González, the Sung one, also will be part of the Mega Rock of next the 14 of May.

The entrances anticipated for this spectacle will be put on sale today in the evening in the Pedestrian Belgrano

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