Abel Pinto arrives at Jujuy with an incredible show

The musical outstanding will act next to the Diablero Pair and the Izkierdos of the Cave, artists among others invited.

The recognized Abel artist Pinto appears next the 4 of December in the Rural Society Jujeña next to the Diablero Pair and the Izkierdos of the Cave, artists among others invited.

According to they announced the producers of the event is predicted for the day; two defined sectors enter you silverplate with tables and exclusive and popular locations with Y-mesons chairs for more than 2500 people.

Similarly this at night contemplated musical an imposing scene, professional lights and sound of great quality to be able to enjoy to plenary session of a new presentation in our province, of the more important young artist of the last years.

The anticipated entrances are on sale in 690 Belgrano and Local Colonial Gallery 9, of our capital city.

Its race
Its beginning as singing one goes back to the seven years of age in a tribute to Jose of San Martin realized in his primary school. In this act was the delegate of the city, invited that it to the commemoration of the one hundred years of that locality after it to have listened to sing.

In this commemoration he realized three subjects: one of Victor Heredia, another one of Leon Gieco, and the third party of Horacio Guarany. After this action the invitations, and thus, their incipient artistic race began.

In its first album “to sing I have been born? (1997), Abel is in charge to show all their force and its talent as young singer. The 25 of January acted in the greater scene of Cosquín, where it realized the presentation of his first disc.

. In 1999 it on sale removes to his second record work under the name from “Every day a little? and in the 2001 it presents/displays “Things of the heart? made up of thirteen subjects. The 16 of March of 2004 on sale leave “Senses?, fourth material in their race and first for the record BMG.

In the 2006 it returns to the studies to realize a new real “Reflected? disc, the material includes own subjects in letter and music giving a new passage within its race

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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