“Softening? the Carnival with the Acids of Maimará

The carnestolendos motors are oilings, and hope per second that the celebration in February leaves.

And with January, although it seems distant, already it begins the delay of the carnival that will arrive in February. For that reason comparsas begins to complete the details of the preparation that took all the year him, and in addition suggest to go “softening? for the celebration.

Today it will be the Mega Moderates of the Carnival of Acids of Maimará, in the ex- station of trains of our capital.

But the activities will begin to 18,30 in the Terminal of Omnibus. Thence it will divide pasacalles with an invitation in the course, of 300 liters of saratoga, that will be able to be tasted when they arrive at the corner of Dorrego and Puente Lavalle.

The enfiestados ones will arrive until the ex- station, after to have crossed downtown, and to 21 the festival will begin, with important activities.

They will be of the game of this spectacular one moderates, Lipán Takings, Norm of America, Chijra Group, Caesar and his group Happiness, the Quebradeños, and Pichi Cardozo and its group, among others.

Still they lack 28 days, according to the accountant of days, hours, minutes and seconds, that include the Acids in their page Web (to the best Chronic style TV), so that the Carnival arrives, but already everything is oiling. The invitation of this traditional comparsa is for enjoying the diablescas proposals from the 13 to the 21 of February next ones, to cross the streets of Maimará celebrating, from I unearth to the day in which crying they return the Pujllay to the Earth.

But the grouping is not quiet throughout the year, not only preparing the carnival but celebrating important days for the community like the one of the parents or the tributes to the Pachamama, to mention only some.

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