Adela Guerrero and a fulfilled dream

Today from the 22, the greater scene of Jujuy will be the host of a voice that always was, but today it rises.

鈥淭his is the really good news for music鈥?, I thought while entrevistaba to Adela Guerrero, that presents/displays its disc 鈥淭o live tonight singing鈥? to 22 in the Miter Theater, and to Jose Sim贸n, main mentor and producer of this challenge.

And it is that she is owner of an exceptional voice, with an ample trajectory that stayed with low profile of diffusion, except for when it mentions that juje帽o was part of the emblematic group of folklore, the Carriers of Yavi, with those who it remembers there to have gained the First National Festival of the Folklore of Cosqu铆n, per 1961.

Before it had belonged to Glad the Cholitas of the Plateau, but as she says 鈥渋t was to amuse to us just in carnival鈥?.

It deserved a disc yet, but the present conditions for a recording, and the times of a woman of 72 years, were not conjugated to obtain it. Until he passed through his life Jose Sim贸n, great connoisseur to this height of the questions of production of discs and spectacles of first then nivel脿 and came together the necessary conditions.

Jose, worthy to emphasize by his generosity and its work jeopardizes with music in serious, not only he lately dedicated himself to grow and to evolve from his aspect of singer, but also he was pawned on recovering those values that we have forgotten, and that they would not have to stop registering itself, because they are part of the history of music in Jujuy. Before the disc of Adela, he also recorded the one of the Sim贸n Brothers, that to this height of their trajectory did, it for the first time.

Adela in fact, never let sing, but it could not dedicate itself completely to music, because 鈥淚 chose to marry鈥?, says also satisfied by his five children. We know that the children imply some resignations, and Adela continued singing in different scopes, but it moved away of the Carriers of Yavi. He lived in Mendoza where he was singing stable of one radio; also in Buenos Aires where he comprised of the Juglares; and of return to Jujuy, in 1969, he was singing stable of Jujuy Radio.

Although always he loved the folklore, counts like anecdote that in Buenos Aires, even sang boleros.

In the 74, it did impasse important in his dedication like singer, because it already had three children, and the familiar obligations were their priority.

To so many years of his beginnings, and with much experience in his salary, Adela Guerrero it speaks of the concretion of this disc: 鈥淚t was a dream of years that I have had the possibility of doing it. Partly this time of delay was fault mine because I retired, I preferred to marry鈥?, assures, 鈥渁nd today I am happy I could do because it now. Thanks to God that put in my way Jose whom it drove to me to do this. Also I had very many support of my friendly, that are musical, singing, etc.鈥?.

The majority of the subjects of the disc is of their responsibility, and in addition it also included Atahualpa Yupanqui, recording 鈥渢he Humpa鈥?, and works of anonymous authors.

Finally, Jose Sim贸n, commented: 鈥淭his disc with Adela has been a beautiful challenge doing. The idea is born from to have gone to have dinner one night to its house, and guitar of by means we began to sing. When it abri贸 the mouth to sing was impressive. I already had listened to the disc of grazes that she had recorded, but had listened to never it live. It is incredible how it has conserved that voice. When it presented/displayed the list of subjects to record, two just were of her, we convinced and it that it includes more.

The spectacle

Tonight, Adela Guerrero, will have invited artists to the spectacle as they are own Jose Sim贸n and the bandoneonista Daniel Vedia.

The musicians accompany who it are Ramon Cordova, in guitars; Eliseo Alvarez Prado, in charango; Left Tony, in action; Dario Lozano, in trompeta; Gabriel Lozano, in tromb贸n; Javier Claure and Alom铆as Liz谩rraga, in saxof贸n; Pablo Aybar, in trompeta; El铆as Abalos, in accordion; Jose Luis Alfaro, Jorge Guari and White Fabian, in quenas and sikus; and Luis Stairs, in low.

Gentility of the Tribuno of jujuy

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