Alexander Lerner in the Provincial Theater of Jumps

Within the framework of the tour “Dreams of Elephant?, Alexander Lerner, will appear Wednesday 14 of Julio to 22 hs. in the Provincial Theater of He jumps.

In singer and Argentine composer, he visits our city again to present/display his well-known songs took that it to the success in their long musical race.

Lerner, was born in Buenos Aires in 1957 and from very small it began to touch the piano and to compose his first songs. During the course of the secondary one, he participated in different formation group. In 1974 it was shortage by Raul Porchetto, invited who to participate it in the group Kingdom of Munt, a fleeting but fruitful artistic experience. That same year made debut very record participating like guest of the second LP of Leon Gieco, titleholder “the Band of the tired horses?. With 19 years it already began with his professional race, accompanying diverse recognized soloists.

Since then its race did not pause, classic songs like the Balance of the Good and of the Evil, Champions of the Life, To return to begin, Amarte thus, Everything to Lung, among others took, it to extend opposite in diverse countries of Latin America.

The entrances already are on sale in ticket office of the Theater.

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