Alicia Faltraco, one more a more mature work

The freedom, between the will of the figure and the tyranny of La Mancha. The artist will exhibit his works in Jumps.

Atelier of Alicia Faltraco is in the band of the city of Humahuaca, a paradise quebradeño that, like the one of Eva, went colonizing. For that reason there is lost no his enchantment. That way they lower who arrive walking from ways that are lost by valleys. To the bottom, the White Rock keeps the rest from an ancestral population. On one of its skirts: the image of the Virgin Maria. That farmer who lowers and the antigal covered by the mariana skirt, is a good summary of the world that Faltraco tries to desocultar by means of its creative work.

We visited it by the sample that, from this Tuesday 4, it will inaugurate in the Museum of Archeology of High Mountain, in front of the place of the city of Jumps, where the Children of Llullaillaco sleep a dream testified by thousands of visitors. She is one of the so many lines that intercross. Another one journeys the one of an European art that went extending on the centuries of American mestization and aspires, perhaps, to be fused with the objects that represent in our earth.

Faltraco has looked for that dialog, that it justifies the one of this note, from the figuration that demanded a commitment hurt of injustices, until the moment at which it beams forms to express the complexity of the Andean man, resorting to the complicity of the spots in the fabric and with the imagination accomplice of the observer. Thus it was composing a superposed world of layers that act like perspective, complementing it, but also they add dimensions that express contradictory and the rich thing of the life.

It tells us that it chose to expose now in Jumps “because it has one moved cultural very interesting one, invests money in culture much more and for that reason there are different spaces. That is an incentive to continue producing.? But to look for a new public does not influence in the selection of the works that presents/displays, because “my way within the plastic one I have already it chosen. My idea of a sample is that they know me better with one more a more mature work.?

It reflects that “I do not know if an art work thinks, in any case not at the moment at you are painting which it. Before tenés that to think, to digest it, but instead of by the alimentary canal leaves by the hand. Before it was a too figurative work and I do not want that now it is it as much. It is more time to paint, also, and that gives another experience me. One same one is changing.?

“The opinion of certain people matters to me?, says to us, “and Jujuy has very good plastics. I speak with them and many of to its I listen to them opinions I consider and them. Are people that even makes art, that has a plastic eye, when have given me with an axe. All we would want to be great artists, nobody wants to be mediocre, the subject is that to arrive at that, the way is personal.?

Speaking of its place within the Andean art, it says to us that “for twenty-three years alive in Humahuaca because interests the native culture to me, and within the native thing I have been living in an Andean zone. The same trowel of the landscapes of has here to do with my form, nonuse Caribbean strident colors, I have a trowel that is conjugated with the landscape. I look for that human figure with its characteristics, its gestures, its form to load the things, and those things are to me very interesting.?

“The sense whereupon pinto it, hopefully are more universal, a sense that extends the localismo. That I feel with poetries of the Churqui Choquevilca, that stops being localista when it says its images. I believe that I must make a exhibition based on its poetries, because it says images and until it is saying the colors to me. I use much blue and names he it in every short while.?

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