Andrea Rico and Santiago Lamagni closes “the Song that is born new?

As it closes of the cycle the Song that Is born New, Santiago Lamagni and Andrea Rico will offer a recital the next Saturday 12 of December, to 22, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Accompanied by Ramiro Aquino in low and Gabriel Turfs in percussion, the local musicians will present/display a repertoire integrated by own compositions and classic works of the pop music, proposing a route by the rates, colors and poetry of the Latin American song.

Santiago Lamagni and Andrea Rico initiated their musical history by year 1995 with the purpose of to show songs that they look for to transmit thoughts, to forge foundations of brings back to consciousness social and to live urgencies like the love, the death, the fright and the tenderness; main motivating forces that conformed this reduced joint.

In September, October and November of 2007, the pair carries out a tour by Argentina and Cuba, that culminated with its participation in XV Encuentro de Latin American Cultura of Holguín. In Poetic April of 2008 they participate in II the Encounter of in the province of Tucuman, organized by the National University of Tucuman and the Cultural Being of that city.

Santiago and Andrea are preparing the edition of their first record work, whose presentation is anticipated for April of the next year.

The young artists stand out by their delicate esthetic value and the subtility that unfolds in each of their presentations, proposing to the Song as a form to create, to live and to reflect.

The Cycle

Organized by the group of alternative culture, Between the Fright and the Tenderness, the Song that Is born New is a cycle that intends the diffusion of the work of independent cantautores of the rear area, promoting alternative spaces of encounter between the public and the artist.

The tucumanos artists Topo Encinar, Matías Manzur, Marks “Indian? Cansinos and the mendocino cantautor Hugo comprised of this cycle Fernandez Panconi.

Entrances for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture. Anticipated $10, the day of spectacle $15.

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