Antonio Rivers will act in Jumps

To the inaugural evening Amalia Granata and one come comparsa among Rivers.

They only reduce some days so that the curtain of the Privateering of Stars rises. The beginning is predicted for next Saturday, to 22,30, in the avenue Juan Pablo II (to the flank of the stage Father Ernesto Martearena). The celebration will extend until the 16 of February. The inaugural evening will count on the presence of the Antonio teacher Rivers, the mediatic Amalia Granata and one comparsa among Rivers.

“It will be an honor abrir this beautiful celebration of the salteños, that surely will be a full successful. In addition, in the occasions that I traveled to that province they tried to me to wonder. People are very warm and respectful. It seems that the emprendimiento of the industralist Red Javier aims to have a good level, and I do not doubt that this man bets to a great project to future?, observed Antonio Rivers.

“The past year had been called on already me to live an unforgettable experience in Jumps, when I accompanied to the group Sour cherry, in the Provincial Theater. I was really touched with the affection that the public offered me and promised to return. Luckily I am going to fulfill my promise?, added.

On the other hand, Red Javier, the organizer of the event, confirmed: “We are going to count on the presence of comparsas of Gualeguaychú and Corrientes, besides national figures like models, actors and bands?.

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