“Here it is being developed one moved folkloric?

The pair the Yunta will present/display its new disc Saturday, in the Alberdi Theater. “We tried to learn of our errors?, indicated to Gustavo Páez and Julian Humarán.

Gustavo Paez and Julian Humaran do not become position of the place in which the Yunta thisat this moment. By vanity, humility or what is, costs to them to admit that the pair convirtia in a referring one of the moved one of the tucumano folklore, although somehow knows that it is thus. And proof of this is that together they got to publish his third disc, “Volverte to see?, through one compnia record of first level. The presentation of that production that made the Saturday in the Back room or the map course which they come following for almost 10 añs positions, them in a privileged place of national music. That is indeed the work that the pair, with many invited musicians, presented/displayedSaturday to 22 in the Alberdi Theater (Jujuy 99).
“We tried to learn of our errors, and if that serves demà to thems, estÃvery well?, Gustavo says, and to his it interrupts it compañero. “But we are not going to walk counting cuÃthey are to them our errors?, it limits, and both are based on an outburst of laughter. Both they recognize that they are moved part of one provincial one in frank growth. “Now there are many discs, people laburando hard in CosquÃn, peñas of all the paÃs?, explain Gustavo.
They say both that of as much traveling by paÃs, they finished convenciéndose of which in TucumÃn are conditions and caracterÃsticas that favor the development of a particular style. “³ n Is great formacià musical because aprehendià ³ of many cultures, and that note in the compositions that show all the informacià received ³ n to be in a very important city in regià ³ n?, assures JuliÃn. “Aquà estÃdeveloping one moved folclà ³ rich one and estÃfilling of people who make things. Complica a little by the distance, but as Miguel says to the presenter of CosquÃn Gutiérrez Angel, our province is so pretty and has so many things, that he is difÃcil to leave, costs to go away… and something of that también has?, confirms JuliÃn.
To months to fulfill 10 años together, the artÃfices of fenà ³ meno of the Yunta know clearly their objective to medium term (the one of long reach not estÃtodavÃa defined).
“We want to be able to follow the way that we initiated and to take the música of TucumÃn to where we pruned, to give us to people contÃndole of dà ³ nde we come?, señala Gustavo.

In this time, Julià saysn, mÃimportant s is that crecià ³ the confidence that they have in sà same. “We recorded a disc with hubiéramos instruments that before not animated to us to use because pensÃwe go that it was not going to sound as we are, but we did and acÃwe are. That puts contentments to us and it gives desire us to follow compartiéndolo with people?, asserts.
Part of the growth of the group perceives in quiénes estÃn like guests in “Volverte to see?. The Dúo Coplanacu participates in the cat “Santiagueña flower of the mount?; The Tekis in huayno of Gustavo “the small path? and Coroico in taquirari “Love of yesterday?, among others. “To Us it puts very happy that people to that we admired have supported us in this disc?, defines JuliÃn.
Before the question on if the Yunta or despegà ³ or estÃcarting to do it, both respond with a guffaw. “And… ³ depends on cà we see mo it. We followed by the way in whom we began and is very pretty to be able to share these things?, affirms JuliÃn.
The méritos, según Gustavo, are the consequence of the work by piece that come doing. “Almost 10 años ago we began to try to leave TucumÃn so that it is known what acà becomes, and they went away generating spaces that we managed to maintain with laburo and effort… we are learning cà ³ mo is east work?, concludes

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