Ariel Cross today presents/displays “Footpaths of my soul?

This musical spectacle will be carried out of the Supervisory Celebration within the framework and will be free and gratuitous for all the community.

Tonight, to 20,30, the Ariel soloist Cross will present/display its first record material titled “Footpaths of my soul? in the place “San Farm Isidro? of Monterrico.

In the occasion the artist will exhibit the video for the first time paper clip of “Zamba to Monterrico?, musical subject of own responsibility that she will project by means of a located giant screen in the mentioned space.

“I have many expectations. In the accomplishment own images of the town will be able to be observed, of people, the tobacco activities that are realized in Monterrico. Town is a tribute? expressed Ariel Cross that soon assured that this encounter was declared of Municipal Interest.

Ramon “Kiko? Núñes is recognized producing of videos clips of great interpreters of the national folklore like Red Jorge and the Huayra and to that Cross was thankful to be part of this project.

In the opportunity, also there will be a recital in which he will present/display the compositions of his first album that he has, among others, the farmers “For changada? and “the steering wheel?; zambas “Zamba to Monterrico? and “Zamba for rural “Working? Fabi? and the song; all of own responsibility.

However, this CD also has the contribution of Ariel Alcobedo with two titled huaynos “is giving returned? and “It follows the celebration?.

They will accompany the singer Fabricio Villanueva (under), Fabian Núñez (battery), Diego Coins (piano) and Pablo Calisaya (charango), musicians who integrate their band.

In addition, the dance will be present with different ballets folkloric from Monterrico and the musical support of the Crossroads, an invited local band.

In order to finalize the day, the artists will meet on the scene and to sing together for the public present.

In reference to his beginnings, the composer expressed that ten years ago he began next to Ariel Alcobedo.

“He gave a very great hand Me in this material ´Senderos of my soul?. With him we crossed very many provincial and national scenes running into with great artists and taking our vallista music to us by all sides. These crossed ways and the experiences of the same fed my desire to compose and to sing town to him? explained.

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