“Arráncame the life?

One of the most successful musical comedies of the last times in Argentina, “Arráncame the life?, of Novarro Boy.

One of the most successful musical comedies of the last times in Argentina, “Arráncame the life?, from Novarro Boy, arrives at Jujuy to appear tomorrow to 21,30 in the greater room of the Miter Theater. In this new version of the spectacle, the protagonists are two of the wished morochos more of the small screen, the actors and singers, Juan Darthes and Cecilia Milone.

“Arráncame the life? is a history of love with music and boleros. The piece was released by the end of 1991 in the room of the Foundation Patricios Bank, and in his first and successful stage their protagonists were Andrea Tenuta and the own Novarro Boy. The musical comedy the same harvested applause and praises, becoming a success without precedents during several years to full theater, and the different rooms in which it imagined.

But also “Arráncame the life? is a sincere tribute to the composers and poets who knew to translate that feeling, singing to him to the heart with inspired words and beautiful melodies, that last in the soul and the memory of our towns.

Authors like Agustín Lara, Julio Gutiérrez, Alvaro Cheek, and other great ones of the romantic song were summoned in this history, where the plot thread arises from those own unforgettable letters, when a pair of actors is united and it separates, is and desencuentra, for the sake of its passion.

You silverplate them paid attention to $120, social gathering $80, gallery $50y theater boxes $500.

The Miter Theater sent the promotion that consists of which buying an entrance for “Arráncame the life?, the spectator can acquire two to see “the Mirasoles? the next weekend, to price of one.

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