It shows the Tri-Chaco festival

The “Chaqueño?, Solitude, the Nocheros, the Tekis, the Voices of Oran and “Pitín? Zalazar will act, among others.

Between Saturday 19 and Mondays 21 of September, the new edition of the Tri-Chaco festival will be carried out, that will count on remarkable figures of the national popular song book. The convoking appointment will be developed in the locality of Santa Victoria This, in the Chaco salteño. The event, once again, is organized by Oscar the “Chaqueño? Palavecino.

The Nocheros, Pastorutti Solitude, and the “Chaqueño? the celebration will offer part of their spectacle “?. And, if celebration it is, the Tekis will arrive their contagious repertoire yet to add itself to this beneficial musical meeting.

The billboard is extensive and exceeded level it is appraised in her. They stand out: Mariana Reed, Mariana Cayón, the Aryan Voices of Oran, Paola, “Black? the Palm, “Pitín? Zalazar, the Five Voices, the Diableros de Oran, Yuchán, the Colombian Izkierdos of the Cave, Marcela Ceballos, Group Tenderness, Irises, “Hood? González and the Jayitas.

The Grenadiers to Horse also will be one of the great attractions of the festival. Delegations of Buenos Aires, Paraguay and Bolivia will concur. The jineteada one will say present with tropilla “the whinny?, of “Tito? Salusso. The Election of Reina of the Pilcomayo will be realized. The animation will be in charge of Oscar Humacata and the “Duck? Ocampo.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

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