“Aurora, the Beautiful Sleeper of the forest?, a musical magician for very small

The group Wings will present/display Aurora, the Beautiful Sleeper of the Forest, a history that will make discover a magical world to very small. Saturday 8 of May will raise scene, 16, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

A beautiful girl finishes being born in the kingdom: Aurora. Their parents, proud, organized a great celebration for their baptism. The honor guests, his you foretell godmothers, will be first in giving its gifts to this beautiful princess.

The evening was perfect and wonderful, until it arrives Maleficent, it foretells very cruel that, angry they had left because it outside of the celebration, sends a spell against the beautiful princess: When fulfilling 16 years, Aurora will puncture its forefinger with the one needle rueca and will die.

With desperation and much creativity, one of you foretell good can modify the powerful spell with happens of magic that would save the girl: When fulfilling the 16 years, Aurora will puncture its forefinger with the one needle rueca, but it will remain slept… and it will only wake up with a kiss of true love.

This new proposal of the group Wings affects to us with a wonderful message. The love, the magic and the beauty overthrow the reign of the badness, the terror and envy.

An infantile musical comedy, with a great choreographic unfolding, in which the humor and the affection of you foretell godmothers will conquer, without doubts, the heart of all the spectators.

With book of Gustavo Bernal and Beatriz Giordano; choreography of Marisa Ziccardi; assistant of direction, Fabian Putruele; clothes of Mignana Rose; clothes assistant is Magdalena Galván; stage scene of Estefanía Ferrero and original music of Fernando Nazar, everything under the direction of Vernal Gustavo.

Entrances for sale in the Ticket office of House of the Culture: You silverplate $45 and $40; Pullman $30.

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