“Baraka? will step on the scene

The work is carried out by the artists Darío Grandinetti, Juan Leyrado, Hugo Arana and Jorge Marrale.

“Baraka? is the piece that will put to scene the trajectory of great national actors at level in the greater scene of the Miter Theater.

The appointment for the jujeños spectators will be tonight to 21,30, when Darío Grandinetti, Juan Leyrado, Hugo Arana and Jorge Marrale spill in the coliseo jujeño their prestigious trajectory within the framework of a national tour with this “Baraka? approaches the passage of the friendship in four adult men and what he remains common among them when life and commitments takes the assumed them to be in different positions of life. Four men, friendly from the childhood, reunited under a maturity that supported as much by the hope as by the disappointment.

The work examines with humor and emotion the enjoyment and the obstacles of the masculine friendship, as well as as the men can put in risk their emotional health by the constant search of money, power and reputation.

Darío Grandinetti is Pedro, a government official of the cultural area with twenty-two years on watch that a solitary life lives and whose main pleasure is to hoard paintings discarded by the museums that the Ministry manages. Faced before a surprise telephone call that him report that those paintings have acquired an unexpected value of market, and the fact to have to give back them in submissive form, Pedro enters crisis; and it is where their friendly of the childhood go in their aid.

Juan Leyrado is Juan, an ambitious politician, permanently in the hope of a position in agreement with his ego, surrounded as well in a marriage in free fall; and who when inquiring into the misfortunes of his friend, generates an encounter with Takings - Jorge Marrale - another one of the friendly; an unbalanced lawyer who with great difficulty manages to maintain certain sense of notion of the reality in his life, so that one is in charge of the case. The quartet is completed with Martin - Hugo Spider - adorable, arrogant and slightly a perverse theater director of vanguard, that loads so much with a record of event by his first creative years as well as a later record of considerable compromising personal episodes.

Four great artists will carry out the national and international tour of the successful theater work “Baraka?. The tour began in Rosary and includes the rear area, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile.

The list of the piece is completed with the actress Paula Kohan and the direction is in charge of Javier Daulte, under the general production is of Pablo Kompel.

“Baraka? culminated a solid summer season in Mar del Plata, where it received the prizes Starfish to the best dramatic comedy, better actor (Jorge Marrale), better director (Javier Daulte) and Revelation (Paula Kohan). Previously, one appeared during a year and a half in poster in the Metropolitan Theater of Buenos Aires, being admired by more than 200,000 spectators.

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