Beatriz Spelzini, protagonist of the distinguished work of Martin Sherman

Few directors have known to take with lucidity to the tables events of history. In the same way, few actors have known to incarnate to personages surrounded in overflowing stories of emotion. It is not the case of Agustín Alazzo and Beatriz Spelzini, that in this opportunity, brings to our province the multipremida theater work “Rose?, that adventure to tell to the history of a Jewish woman and its sufferings during the war, the discovery of the love, the suffering of nazism, I exile, its success in the United States and their unconditional commitment with the Hebrew culture. This, first the unipersonal one of the actress, will raise scene tomorrow, to 22, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

How it was the process of composition of the personage?

Next to the director of the work, Agustín Alezzo, we seted out to see if we could present/display the extensive text of “Rose?. Soon we undertook a brief investigation on the thematic one, saw many documentary and entrevistamos us with survivors of the Holocausto. Finally, I began to imagine to Rose. I was paying attention what things of a woman of 80 years could serve to me. I thought much about my mother, who today are 81 years old, and about which remembered of my grandmother. It was a search that much work demanded, but a very pleasing experience.

How it is Rose?

Rose is somebody that is making a ceremony of duel. Like all great woman, it is lost in the story of his life, but it realizes a route by the great events of the century, leaving to glimpse how she is victim of those events. This woman, without knowing very either why, is always of the side of or, of the love, the brotherhood and solidarity. He is somebody that at the end of its life continues believing in all that, turning his pain into a life lesson.
The interesting thing of its history is that it is not only the story of a Jewish woman. In the work many other women and many other exiles can be seen; in a story that leaves a space for humor.

I imagine that she must be very particular to interpret a work with as much history behind. The work is very emotional and it allows itself to work with the humor, nevertheless is very respectful of the thematic one on which it turns the narration…

Yes, the truth that is a work that we assumed with much seriousness. For that we resorted to historians and journalists who advised to us. Also we read much on the subject.
For us it was very important, in addition, that Rose could repel not only in whom they belong to the Jewish colectivity, but in many other histories of life.

We could suppose that the emotional thing is an important factor at the time of incarnating to this personage?

Doubtlessly. Perhaps because I interpret, that I am an actress who has a very great emotional volume. Perhaps if another actress did, the personage would journey by another way.

Nothing says in the script than it must happen with those emotions, is to let itself take. At those moments the forms to work of the interpreter and the director are conjugated. I have always felt the freedom to let take to me with the personage, which is not a easy task.

What happens to him to the actor and the personage with a work like this one, that has remained as much time in billboard? It has a little while in that they are re-invented?

That happens in all the works. In the case of “Rose? I believe that the putting in scene has been gaining much with each presentation. They are 85 minutes in which I am single and I must journey by different touching moments.

There are many things that they have to do with this and that they are basic, like being rested well, for example. An artistic and emotional energy makes lack very great, but the theater is always in constant movement. The theater is the kingdom of the actor, the spectator is seeing the actor, directly. Clearly, there is a director, who in this case is magnificent, but is a different work. The theater is born and dies every night, which also means a risk for the spectator. It is a ceremony that is alive and that happens every night of different way.

You are an actress who always has pronounced yourself very worried about the social thing, it considers that it has taken this to his work?

In a sense yes. I have always tried to do my work by far respect towards the spectator.

I believe that thus I contribute to that the true office of the actor stays effective. That respect is to collaborate, somehow, to the construction of one better society. I have not worked in works that were against ideologically to which I create. There are things in which there are to agree, although that means to resign an economic benefit.

Before Rose said to me that has something of its grandmother and her mother, it also has something of Beatriz?

Yes, mainly because my mother and my grandmother comprise of my own history and my experience.

My grandparents also went immigrants, did not belong to the Jewish colectivity but they came from Italy escaping of the hunger. All that is very present in the work. I am a woman, who like Rose, has known the pain and the love. I have known reírme of many things that were happening, because when llegás to certain age empezás to watch the life of another way. I imagine that to the 80 he must have another glance, for that reason also I have dedicated myself to observe much mother, to approach me the 80 without having them, and the public has responded very well.

How lives the experience to realize its first unipersonal spectacle?

He is very pleasing, because I am living on the theater that I create and I am not needing to make other things. But I believe that I am going away to give account of all this when it stops doing it, because now it seems to me very natural to go to the theater and to be single. Perhaps it seems rare to me to return to work with other actors.

Which are their next projects, Beatriz?

I have many desire to continue making theater, my life it is the theater, it generates much pleasure to me.

Now we have decided to take “to Rose? to cross the country, after it to have had in the Buenosairean billboard by more of a year. It is the first time that I make a tour in Argentina and certainly I am fascinated. I was already in Chaco and Formosa; these days I am going to be in Tucuman and Salta. In addition, it interests much to me to know the atmosphere artistic from each place that I travel, although is minimumly. On the other hand, there are projects to make a film and a new work, but for that they are going to have to hope.

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