Beauty and sensuality in the series “Of sense in sense?

She continues qualified the sample Of sense in sense of Lucas Alascio. The same will remain in exhibition until the 31 of March, in the hall of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

Of sense in sense it is a series of dícticos, that associates vibrant images of fruits, flowers and vegetables to suggestive photographies of the human anatomy, in black and white.

“A kiss, can transport per years in my memory, associating much more that scents, textures and images to me. They are these some sensations and relations through my senses, my moods. My desires and pleasures… … Stimulus, stimulus. An association of images and meaning, appealing to the senses and trying to list a moment in the memory, a sensation, flavor, scent, analysis…? - it express Lucas Alascio on the sample.

Graphical journalist of profession, Lucas Alascio was born in 1966 in San Miguel de Tucuman. In 1989 he withdrew of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Tucuman where he discovered the photography. He arrived at the media first like camarógrafo of TV and after to pass through several weekly and magazines, he soon began his race like photographer in the daily Echo of the North and in the Tribuno.

Paralelamente developed its photographic work, that was changing in its thematic one from the documentary thing, the landscape, the picture, the architecture until the conceptual thing. They are possible to be staked: Landscapes of the south (1989), the Miracle in Jumps (2006), Casabindo (2007), among others

“The photography gets passionate and, basically, I distribute between the media and the photography of author who inexorably arises from those situations and places to which it takes my daily work to me? - the photographer counts.

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