“Kolla Bicentennial? in the Miter Theater

Mónica Pantoja, Micaela Chauque and Rogelio You will back water will present/display a spectacle without east precedent 22 Wednesday to hs.

Mónica Pantoja, Rogelio Ciares and Micaela Chauque will be the referring artists of our province who will be united to remember the history of our town in relation to the bicentennial revolution.

To the great voice of “zagala of Humahuaca? tilcareño through the instrumentalist Micaela Chauque will be added in the sound of the wind and the essence of huancares of Abra Pampas will move to valleys next to “runa pacha?, Rogelio You will back water.

This way, the history of our mother country will be sung by referring own of our earth, but also counted by the historian and professor humahuaqueño Enrique Cross will explain how kolla took part the town, in the revolutionary deed, within the framework of char it pleasant.

This encounter between the art and history, without doubts, will reflect a deep glance same, contemplating what we were, which we are and what we must be in projection to future.
The entrances on sale are in the coliseo jujeño.

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