“Cacharpaya lives? will appear on the foot of the monument humahuaqueño

The Cacharpaya group will show its new disc. After Easter, it will also present/display in the capital jujeña.

The Cacharpaya Group will present/display its new disc, “Cacharpaya lives?, this Monday in Humahuaca. It will be after Baile of the Torito and the Lights to the Virgin of the Candlemas.

One is fourth record work, considering that the first after the separation of Fortunato Branches with that they touched many years, was “Cacharpayas in Humahuaca (2006), the second “Plegarias for my earth (2007/08) and the third party of carols “Humahuaca adores to the Boy Jesus? (recorded with the voices of the Simón Brothers) in 2008.

This new work, “Cacharpaya lives? was recorded in Jumps and reproduced in Buenos Aires, and after the presentation in Humahuaca the presentation in the capital is anticipated jujeña stops after Easter, according to explained the members of the group in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The Cacharpaya group is integrated at the moment by Daniel Alfredo Palaces, in guitar and voice; Aldo Moisés Valeriano, in charango and voice; Caesar Omar Colque, in percussion and voice; Alfredo Rolando Colque and Miguel Angel Cross, in winds, voice and animation; and Paschal Cross, in accordion and voice.

Some subjects that integrate this disc “Are dismissed jujeña? (taquirari), “Ireme then? (cueca), “Stream of the sighs? (zamba), “Yungueñita? (taquirari), “I am carnival? (bailecito); “Pampas Popcorn? (huaino); “The dawned one? (zamba); “Pretentious? (cueca); “Coyita? (taquirari), “Thus is my Jujuy? (cueca), and “Glad of Uquía? (popular reason), besides a subject of own responsibility as “My Salomé? is cueca.

The photography of the cover of the disc and the design of the cover art, is of Paschal Cross.

The Cacharpaya group was born in 1980 like the Huairas de Huamahuaca. It participated in different festivales from the zone and in 1986 it adopts the name of Cacharpaya. At some time they were in the festival of Cosquín next to Takings LIpán, Fortunato Ramos and Mónica Pantoja.

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