“It changes, everything changes " in the room Gallant

It is a piece of the Nenúfares group that was made from carried out improvisations in a theater factory.

The group of Nenúfares theater will present/display the work “Changes, everything changes? to 22 tonight, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?.

The work counts the history of Leticia, a woman who decided to order his placard and finds in him, a box with objects of its past.

These found elements will bring to the scene their memories, and histories that her grandmother next to the glance of chusmas of the town told.

This artistic initiative was elaborated from carried out improvisations in the theater factory.

The Nenúfares group arose in 2007, in the factory of theater in charge of Marcela Cura. The same form leaves from the set of proposals of the Department of Retired Cultural Extension of the Center of of Jujuy.

In that year the first titled proposal was released “Histories of Famous Women?, cradle in the biography of feminine figures of our history and, the last year, the group penetrated in humor through the piece “Eyes that do not see?, a story of Fontanarrosa. It is important to honor that the entrance is free and gratuitous, with the collaboration of diapers appointed the boys of the Hospital of Children.

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