“Song 4?, to pure folklore in the Provincial one

Song 4, the folklore group salteño that is conquering the country will return to raise the scene of the Provincial Theater of Jumps Sunday 11 of October, from the 21. Juan Peñalva, Rodrigo Villareal, Iván Vera and Facundo Rufino will present/display all the songs of their discs wounded Shade and Song 4, in a renewed show that comes filling to rooms in theaters and rocks in all the country.

These salteños been in Buenos Aires return every year to eet again itself with the public saw who them arise there per 1999 when they appeared in the cantatas and rocks of Jump. , With two discs now published and all the maturity of the crossed way the group aims to devote itself like a referring national of the new folklore.

Entrances for sale in the Theater: You silverplate $50 and $40, Theater box $30, Pullman and Súper pullman $20.

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