Catherine Fulop, a shared in common artist with our province

The Complex Nicholas Vitale of district the Tribuno will be the place where, the next Saturday, the scene will mount that will reunite to some artists of the local and national scene.

Saturday 24 of April, from the 18, Catherine next to other artists of the stature of Gabriel Morals, the Nocheros, Axel and Araceli González, will meet with the aim of collaborating with the Parish Maria Queen, of the South zone of the city.

In the second edition of the shared in common festival of FUNDAFA they will appear salteño Gabriel Morals, the Nocheros, Axel, Catherine Fulop, Araceli González and the journalists of “Soccer for all?, of the channel FOX.

“It is very important, from our roll of artists, to participate in this type of more communitarian workings. I am mother and the events mobilize much to me that they have to the children like protagonists?, said Catherine Fulop in an interview with the Tribuno. And it added: “It volume like a way to give back to the people of all that affection just a little bit that it gives me on a daily basis and, this time, to the people of Jumps, who always so have been educated, amiable and loving with me?.

The festival, organized by Fundación Fausto (FUNDAFA) and the Parish Maria Queen, must like objective collect money for the construction of a hall multiple uses and an infantile dining room for the Center of Integral Attention of the Boy in Situation of Risk and Incapacities, that is in the Aráoz district.

During the day, in addition, a soccer match with artists (headed by Axel and the Nocheros) versus journalists will be realized (headed by the boys of the televising program “Soccer for all?, of Fox Sports).

To 21, the honor guests: Araceli González and Catherine Fulop will sell bonds contribution to a value of $10 to collaborate with the cause, with which 2 motorcycles will be drawn for. “Our participation simply will be to stimulate people to that it buys bonds to us. Not every day `the González' and `the Fulop' approach to you so that you help with a so important cause. The idea is to be near people and power to be the bridge so that much more people collaborates?, explained “Cathy?, as they call his fans.

The wife of the “Ova? spoke of her projects for this year. She said that after the world-wide one she will initiate the third edition of Argentine Talent.

During char it with the Tribuno she remembered “the Marucho?, the small singer salteño that participated in the program the past year and that took until the tears to the voluptuous artist in repeated opportunities. “She is that he is a boy with artist soul. When somebody puts as much passion in which it does to one does not have left other than to be touched?, Fulop expressed, that has known to give to many of the participants of reality the opportunity him of which they show what they know to do. “I believe that the artists we must be permeable and able to receive what others can give us. In Argentine Talent not only I have tried to see the talent of the participants, but also the capacity to move the public and to transmit what they feel and so they do?.

Catherine also told that she is studying photography and that she has new projects to lead a program of television as of July. It also has theater proposals, but so far the priority is its family. “Sometimes it is difficult to combine the tasks of being mother, actress, conductor and vedette. I have small daughters and I do not like to lack house, interest to me to accompany them in everything?, expressed the Venezuelan who, among other things, said to feel more and more Argentine. “My home is in this country. I trained my family here and whenever I travel to Venezuela they give desire me to return house, that is here. A day my papa said `your country to me is that one that employs to you'. , Argentina employed to me and a beautiful family, so I feel `of here very'?, concluded “Cathy?.

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