Cayón will arrive at the Contest of the Pasty

The artist cafayateña will contribute melody to him of quena to the spectacle. The beginning is predicted for the 11.30.

When the sweet sound of quena seizes of a scene quickly is crystallized the figure of Mariana Cayón, a woman who leaves seated the prestige well of Jumps in the festivales of greater prestige of the country.

The artist cafayateña will return to eet again with his people next Sunday during the new edition of the Contest of the Pasty, that will be carried out Civic Policeman in center.

The day will abrirá with the Leandro soloist Moon, from the 11.30. Soon it will be the turn of Cayón, that will deposit all their magic on the scene. Later they will follow one another Ricardo Lopez, winner of the student contest Young Song 2008; Gabriel Morals, second in “Operation Triumph 2009?. To 12,45, the delivery of prizes to the winners of the contest will be realized; also there will be words of authorities and organizers. At 13,30, the action will arrive from the convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino. Later they will be the Five Voices and, finally, Bond 4.
“I will take advantage of the occasion to celebrate the obtaining of the prize Consecration during my participation in the last edition of the Greater Festival of Cosquín?, indicated Mariana Cayón.

In the opportunity, the artist will delight to the concurrence with his remarkable successes, and also she will take advantage of the occasion to present/display some subjects that fifth record material will include in his, that next will go out.
It is possible to remember that, previously recorded “Amalgam?, “Quena heart?, “Classic popular? and “Arming celebration?.

“I have been almost two decades tie to music and many were the efforts and sacrifices that I realized to gain a place within the popular song book. Just years ago I began to obtain notable repercussion and today I can execute my repertoire by the festivales of greater spread of the country?, added.
Mariana also counts on international experience: “I had numerous activities in other countries, and Already received much affection and affection of people. Now, already they confirmed to me that the next year and of the hand of the producer Fernando Iborra, I will travel to countries of Asia, Europe and America. The truth that will be a incalculable experience?.

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