Cibrián brings stories of the Far East to Oran

This free version of the recognized director and actor in the heat of is tour by the rear area.

Tonight, from the 22, in the House of the Culture of Oran, the musical comedy will raise scene “thousands and the one nights?, of Pepe Cibrián and Angel Mahler. Tomorrow one will appear in Jujuy and, finally, Thursday 13 and Fridays 14, it will arrive at the capital of our province. The appointment will be, both days, from the 22, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

This particular version on the Arab story compilation of the medieval Middle East has some variants of the original one. In the work directed by Cibrián, sultán of Turkey, Solimán (Juan Rolled), is not the ruthless villain. Feyza (Claudia Lapacó), its possessive mother, is the one who kills the women of her son not to lose her place in the palace. Nevertheless, Elena (Georgina Frere), with its innocence, purity and stories will manage to change the life of the governing condemned. One is more than twenty artists in scene who give life to stories.

“The production equipment is Really remarkable that endorses this work. Cibrián is a pioneer in the task of taking so great spectacles to different scenes. Some years ago it was impossible to think about that a scenic putting of this level could take to Oran, for example, by the effort that meant it production to transfer the stage scenes and the equipment?, said Guillermo Clasadonte, theater poductor of our province.

She will be this one, then, a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most recognized theater spectacles of the national billboard.

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