Cinema in the House of the Unju (VIDEO)

One is Brazilian projections that will be seen in avenue Bolivia 1265.

Cinema Lusófono 2009 is a cycle of projection of films in Portuguese language that will be realized all the first Fridays of every month from the 19,30 to the 22 in first stage of the building of Culture of the Unju.

This behind schedule, the year will project “in which my parents went out on vacations? in Bolivia avenue the 1265 of the district Huaicos.

The first touching film was “Central do Brazil?, that was exhibited with the Friendly participation of the association “of Brazil?. The film showed the reality of from Rio de Janeiro country and, at the same time, human sensitivity through its protagonists.

The encounter, that will include different thematic, will be realized with the presentation of the accomplishment, the projection of the same and the later debate that will have educative aims for the public generally.

The Lusófono project that it has like main objective to practice the Portuguese language and to learn of the culture of Brazil, is directed by recognized professors, which they dictated numerous courses in the UNJu, based on which the learning of a foreign language offers a cosmovisión different and integration from our country in the context of the Mercosur and as well makes education and the learning necessary of the Portuguese language.

The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

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