Edition of the Privateerings of Flowers begins 105ª

Today the imaginary curtain of the parades will rise, when the first groupings unfold their magic before the public.

Like every year, Hillocks will receive as of today an important number of spectators who will live, from the 22, the inaugural act of the Privateerings of Flowers 2010 in 105ª edition, opening that will be in charge of the School of Dances Tames Marks of that locality.

This group, integrated by 40 dancers, will dance to the rate of the Argentine popular song book by corsódromo “Güemes?, unfolding the work “the Carnival of Oil mill Fields?, that were presented/displayed in Ferinoa, in Santa Fe and Cosquín, having given him brightness and color to the inaugural night, with the cartoons of the great sketcher already disappeared. The objective to present/display this work in the privateering is that the public reflects on the traditional elements that the new generations contribute to the culture and which they do not have to be lost.

Once finalized the inaugural act, that will count on the participation of authorities of the provincial and municipal Government, the celebration will begin to live itself with the joy of the different groupings, that will be demonstrating to their abilities carnestolendas.

Cost of the entrances

The general entrance will have a cost of $5 for majors of 12 years, minors from the 8 years will pay $2. With his entrance the spectator will be able to participate in important drawings of electric home appliances all the nights. Corsódromo will count on 4,000 chairs prepared throughout the route and also they will be able to accede to a preferential theater box.

Within the main place 10 chemical baths will settle and will be an ambulance presents/displays all the nights to take care of the possible emergencias of health.
Also one will unfold important an operative one of security, with numerous police cash affected and personal of Road Security and Transit in all the communication channels of the town.

As it is custom, the increase of units of transport is guaranteed before to the spectators and after each parade, considering the important flow of spectators that moves from the different localities from the Valley of Lerma. This way, the “Capital of the Carnival? will be transformed once again into a celebration, with dances and perfume of basil, the brightness of the groupings, the rumbling of tumbadoras and the bells of the farm managers. The parades will continue days 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31 of January. For the third weekend the presence of the Rep it of the Branch announced, of San Pedro de Jujuy, with more than 150 members.


At the beginning of the past century a group of enthusiastic young people of the time had the brilliant idea to organize parades of Hillock disguises to celebrate the carnival. To the few days a few boy took a walk with their disguises by the main street, between the row of the young ladies and ladies who brought closer themselves to the paths to greet the passage of these “audacious ones?. They did not lack either who with thanks sent to flowery water and serpentines to the disguised ones.

With running of the years, the authorities of the town went taking part and helped the organization of the privateerings and they imposed the name to him of Privateerings of Flowers.

Another fundamental step in the history of the cerrillanos carnivals was the installation of the famous carps, like the one of gift Marks Tames, the popular “Chañarcito?, on the main street, that went turning into attractive irresistible for youth of past decades.

Already much more close in the time, they began to install chairs and to acquire entrance to help to resolve the spectacles and to invite to comparsas of other cardinal points.

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