The Provincial Celebration of Theater begins

Tonight it will be the act opening of the competitive encounter, that will close with the stellar presentation of the Loved ones.

Today the Provincial Celebration of the Theater begins XXV. On the one hand one prepares the allegorical parade of murgas and personages by the centric streets of our city, that will conclude in the front of the Miter Theater, and will begin to 21. They will participate murgas “Lacking a Tone?, “the Decided ones of Corchito?, “the novices of the Stop? and “Glorious madness?.

To the same hour but in Culturarte (Vine shoot corner San Martin), a performance will appear, as adhesion of the Forum of Theater Jujuy Dance to the celebration.

To 21,30 it will be the act of official opening in the Miter Theater, in which it will be realized a projection of photographies and newspaper notes of the theater production jujeña.
Soon one will appear like special guest to the celebration, the group the Loved ones of Buenos Aires, of music and action.

The provincial celebration is made every year with the purpose of to select to the three better productions jujeñas of independent theater, so that they represent the province in the Regional Celebration of the Theater. This year 15 works in competition appear, and the celebration will extend until the next Sunday.

The organization is in charge of the National Institute of the Theater Jujuy representation and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of the Province.

Also work presentations will be realized in adhesion (that do not compete), and this edition is characterized to take to the theater jujeño to 25 cities or localities with reference to the 25 years.

The theater performance dance that announces in Culturarte, is a performance coordinated by Szeimblum Morning call, like final work of its Seminary of Contemporary Dance and Composition in Theater Dance.

They participate in this performance Veronica Aramayo, Nidia Aramburu, Bernardine Brunetti, Bethlehem Calapeña, Luciana Cancio, Mariana Echenique Cross, Alejandra Of the Castle, Marcela Gonzalez Cortes, Natacha Kepokkki, Ruben Moon, Javier Medina, Maria Cecilia Grouse, Maria Graciela Peace, Ines Porcel, Paula Recchiuto, Veronica Rosemary, Adriana Rooms, Cecilia Tarcaya, Ana Teitelbaun, Olga Toconás and Maria Angelica Toro.

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