The sale of entrances for zarzuela “Luisa Fernanda? begins

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jumps presents/displays the putting in scene of zarzuela Luisa Fernanda, lyrical comedy in three acts, with music of Brown Federico Torroba and libreto of Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernandez-Shaw. The opening will be realized Friday 18 of June, to 21,30, with replacements the day Saturday 19 in the same schedule and Sunday 20, to 19, in the Greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps.

The production of this work is completely local and is organized by the Government of the Province of Jumps through Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, the Institute of Music and Dance and the Foundation Jumps.

It will count on the participation of the Symphony orchestra of Jumps under the musical direction of the teacher Jorge Lhez, next to the Joint Choral Art directed by the teacher Luis Benavídez, will offer three functions of this famous work of the Spanish lyrical sort. The artistic equipment is completed with the scenic direction of Jorge Renoldi, the executive production of Beatriz Casermeiro and the general coordination in charge of the lawyer Jorge Velarde.

The talent will be able to be appreciated in scene of recognized figures of the lyrical sort like Virginia Dupuy Strap (mezzosoprano) in the roll of Luisa Fernanda, Graciela Oddone (soprano) in the roll of the Carolina Duchess, Luciano Garay (baritone) in the roll of Vidal Hernando, Norberto Fernandez (tenor) in the roll of Brown Javier, Alicia Alduncin (mezzosoprano) in the roll of Mariana, Myriam Oil mill (soprano) in the roll of Rosita, Fabian Mignani (tenor) in the roll of the Saboyano and Single Ricardo Vidal (baritone) in the roll of Walnuts.

Also the participation of salteños actors Carlos Bonduri in the roll of Cross-eyed the Clubs, Sebastián Muñíz in the roll of Aníbal and Daniel Chacón in the roll of Don Florito stands out.

With the matchless Spanish enchantment, once again, the greater scene of the Theater will be adorned with exquisite scenery, primoroso clothes and a majestic and colorful putting in scene.

Luisa Fernanda

It was released in the Calderón Theater of Madrid the 26 of March of 1932.

History register in Madrid, during the final moments of the reign of Isabel II (1868). The frontier landowner Vidal Hernando and colonel of húsares Brown Javier try to Luisa Fernanda. The confrontation between both is not only loving: first it is pronounced liberal; the second, monarchist. Luisa loves Javier, but it has to the Carolina duchess that the galantea like powerful rival.

Seeing that Javier prefers the company of the duchess in the celebration of San Antonio, Luisa accepts by I disgust the proposal of marriage of Vidal. Enemistad between this one and Javier is major that never.

A rise against Isabel II has taken place. Javier, demolished of his horse by Vidal, is catched by the liberal militias and when Aníbal and Nogales, two revolutionaries, try to attack Javier, Luisa interposes and saves its life. Shortly after the monarchic troops are able to rescue Javier.

The property of Vidal, in the frontier border with Portugal. The monarchy has fallen. Awaiting his next wedding, Vidal offers a celebration for his fiance'e. In the heat of celebration appears Javier and, before the surprise of all, it kneels down before Luisa and it asks that it pardons to him. Although he rejects this one it and he requests to him that one goes away, Vidal understands which is the true love of its fiance'e and, in a generosity gesture, annuls his commitment and allows Luisa that goes away with Javier.

An exceptional occasion to listen to and to see the famous musical work, that from its opening harvests applause in different theaters from the world.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater, as of Tuesday 1 of June: It silverplates $20 and $16, Theater box $ 30, Pullman and Súper Pullman $10.

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