With you… It releases 2

The group came off itself Bandy 2. Today it looks for his own course in the moved one.

It releases 2, the grouping of tropical music that arose from the separation of some members of Bandy 2, is taking important passages in the matter of diffusion.

While they prepare its first disc, that possibly leaves for the month of next October, the young people cross different scenes from Buenos Aires where they were some days ago, and at the moment they are realizing presentations in Uruguay.

This weekend will return by Jujuy to eet again itself with their local public, the one saw that them be born, soon to continue by Brazil and Chile, according to commented to our matutinal one.
The band is conformed by Pablo Sotelo and Ismael Shock (the faces of Bandy 2 until recently time), in the voices; Sebastián, in guitar; Luis, in keyboards and choirs; Omar, in the low one; Cristian, in action; and Lechu in the animation.

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

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