Concert with Rescuing Wheel and Bald Robert

The appointment with music is tomorrow, and Saturday in addition a factory in charge of the Buenosairean musician will be dictated.

Tomorrow to 21 Martin will take place in the room “Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater, a special concert of guitar in charge of the musicians Rescuing Wheel of Jumps, and Bald Robert of Buenos Aires.

Within the framework of this encounter, the mentioned artists will present/display their last record works, “Hill inside? (Wheel) and “single Guitar? (Bald).

In “Hill inside? salteño includes own compositions and adjustments, and work interpretations of Argentine guitarists.

The own thing with its compositions inspired by the forms of the folklore, made Bald with its disc. It is to emphasize that “single Guitar? was ternado in the 2007 for the Gardel prizes, like better instrumental album.

It is possible to mention that this visit occurs within the framework of an interchange with jujeños musicians, since two weeks ago, they were acting in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture of Jumps, the group jujeño Chajmiri next to the teacher of bandoneón Daniel Vedia, invited by Rescuing Wheel.

Bald Robert will generally dictate in addition a factory on “vocal and instrumental? for students to music and interested Adjustments. The same will take place the Saturday from 15 to 18,30 in the School of Music (Lavalle 237). The interested ones must appear awhile before for the inscription and by majors information they must communicate with telephone 154045619.

From It jumps

Rescuing Wheel graduate from the School Superior of Music of the Province of Jumps “Jose the Giúdice?. It among others attended courses and seminaries of guitarrístico improvement in different cities of our country and Brazil, opportunities in which studied with the teachers Gustavo Kantor, Pablo Márquez, Victor Villadangos, Juan Falú and Carlé Coast.

It crossed almost all the country with his concerts and was awarded in diverse contests of guitar among Rivers and Jumps.

He is founding and artistic director of the festival salteño of guitar “Professor Rafael Branches?; and member of the organizing commission of the Seminary the International of Guitar of the Vestibule of the $andes, that Pablo Márquez in the province dictates to the teacher annually of Jumps. In addition she is head of the department of guitar of the School Superior of Music of the Province of Jumps and member of the collaborating commission of the filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps.

As far as his educational activity, it is possible to mention that he is professor of the chair of Guitar in the School Superior of Music of the Province of Jumps and in the Catholic University of Jumps.

From Buenos Aires
Bald Robert is composer, guitarist, educational arreglador and. He studied classic guitar with: Tzvetan Saveb, Lucio Núñez and Irma Costanzo; Improvisation with Javier Cohen and Armando Alonso; and Harmony and Orquestration with Manolo Juárez, Daniel Jáuregui and Lito Valley.

Throughout the years, constityó in one of the most important guitarists and arregladores of the country, being solicitd by numerous interpreters of Argentine music, to accompany them and/or to direct to its record works or the orchestras accompany that them.

By his works he obtained several prizes and distinctions, between which the granted ones by the Secretariat of Culture of the Nation stand out, in 1995 and 2002, by his subjects “Father inside? and “Rain were?. 1º Prize granted by Sadaic in year 1993, its subject “frost Horse? and 1º Prize obtained in Funes Dean (Province of Cordova), by its subject “Mother potter?, in 1999.
In addition he was scholarship holder of the National Bottom of the Arts (years 1995 and 2000).

Bald it has one long trajectory like musical director of groupings like Santaires (sexteto vowel and instruments of folkloric music), the Guitarrazo (Orchestra of the School of Guitars, integrated by more than thirty guitarists of all the ages) and, also like member and arreglador of the Quintet Gust of wind, with which it realized numerous international tours.

As arreglador and orquestador he also obtained several distinctions, between which we can mention its two nominations for the Latin Grammy Prizes, by the albums “Buenos Aires, Trip? (2005) and “the Bandoneones of Buenos Aires? (2003), that recorded, in character of musical director, arreglador and guitarist, for interpreter Adriana Nano.

At the moment he gives skillful classes in different points from the country.
The entrances paid attention to $15.

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