Concert of the Symphonic one with Dark brown Fernanda like soloist

Thursday 3 of June the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a concert under the direction of the teacher Enrique Roel and with the pianist Maria Dark brown Fernanda like soloist. Works of Schumann, Dukas and Rimski - Korsakov will be interpreted.

The evening will be realized in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, to 21.30. It will be possible to be enjoyed the following repertoire: Concert for Piano and Orchestra in the Op minor. 54 of Robert Schumann, the Apprentice of Wizard of Paul Dukas and Scheherezade de Nicolai Rimski - Korsakov.

The entrances will be able to be acquired from Monday 31 of May in the Ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70). The same have a value of: It silverplates $20 and $16, Theater box $30, Pullman and Súper Pullman $10.

One remembers that pensioners, disabled and students can accede to a 50 percent of discount in the value of the entrances crediting properly, in ticket office, their quality of such with the corresponding instruments (membership cards, certainties of students, etc). This discount get ready by means of Resolution Nº 84 - 09 of the Institute of Music and Dance, which also runs for the rest of the artistic bodies of the Institute.

This resolution on the other hand, promotes the subscription in particular agreements with institutions official or deprived properly credited and representative of disabled pensioners, students or, in order to allow the gratuitous access more to the needed sectors.

Maria Dark brown Fernanda

Pianist and Argentine educator, formed in the pianísticas schools of Fanelli and Scaramuzza, where their training teachers Martha left Pariente and Antonio De Raco.

Its growth as pianist were parallel to the one of the formation of young people in the interpretation fields and music of camera. It never stopped working for the young people. Between the outstanding aspects of his educational work and production, it is possible to be mentioned to the Cycle of Concerts of Music of Camera and Soloists. The same, was throughout realized in the Metropolitan Museum where the pianist directed the Association Angelus Artisn, presenting/displaying to instrumentalist and singing young people a year.

Later, with the generous collaboration of the program In a personal view of Victor Hugo Morals and the management of the Association Scene, young people who had not had the opportunity to touch in great scenes, acceded scholars to interpretation classes soon, appearing in the Museum White Fernandez.

During several years Maria Dark brown Fernanda he showed the position of Runs of the Beethoven Conservatory that the Teacher directs and eximia pianist Pía Sebastiani. There, he developed a program of skillful classes called musical Forms.

Young talents happened through their chair. Some have already reached important places in the musical scene and have successfully fulfilled the objectives of their teaching. Among them, it is possible to be mentioned to Fernanda Morello, Federico Gold, French Staciuk and Alan Kwiek, names recognized in the Musical Society of Buenos Aires.

It had to his position the chair of Music of Camera of the IUNA in the National Conservatory of Music during several years.

At the moment it resides in Jumps where she is Director of the Department of Music of dependant Camera of the Institute of Music and Dance of the Province. It organizes periodically festivales of music of camera, cycles of concerts, masters classes and factories.

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