Concert of Violin in the Auditorium

The Ukrainian violinista Stepan Grytsay, very known by its participation in the reality-show Argentine Talent, would appear in a concert where it will touch a repertoire of classic and modern composers, inlcuyendo own works recently written for violin in the style “Eurodance?.

The concert would carry out Saturday 22 of May to the 21:30 in the hall Auditorium in the Street Belgrano 1349, City of Jumps, with a general entrance of $ 15.

In this concert, the young violinista and based Ukrainian composer in Jump from the year 2000, besides only presenting/displaying a classic repertoire for violin, would recently touch its works written in a style created in years 90, Eurodance call, acompañadod by virtual sintetizadores.

Maria Grytsay, the sister of Stepan would participate in this concert, and the memory of its participation in the Reality will not need Televising Show “Argentine Talent?; Libertango, Uomo of the Sud, Nonino Adion of A. Piazzola and My Heart Will Go On (of the Titanic Film)

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