Concerts of the joints Caesar Casas and Rogelio Riggio

Friday 19 of March the Academic Joint will appear Caesar Houses, whereas the Wind Joint Rogelio Riggio offers a concert Friday 26. Both will be realized with free and gratuitous entrance in the Museum House of Hernandez (Florida and Alvarado).

The concert of the Academic Joint Caesar Houses will take place from the 19,30, and the following repertoire will be interpreted:

- Smaller Sonata in do of A. Corelli
- Sun Symphony of G. Sammartini
- Small of Or. Modern
- Fascination of F.D. Marchetti

The direction will be in charge of the Antonio teacher Montero.

On the other hand, the presentation of the Wind Joint Rogelio Riggio, will be realized Friday 26 of March to 19.45. In the occasion, the following program will be offered:

- Choral of San Antonio de J. Haydn (metal Quintet).
- The Traviata, Pair of Alfredo and Violeta de G. Verdi (Octet of wood and metals).
- Rigoletto de G. Verdi (wood and metals).
- The Randera Tucumana of A. Chazarreta (Wood and metals).
- Humoresque of A. Dvorak (Wood and Metals).
- In the garden of a Chinese temple of A.W. Ketelbey (Wood and metals).

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