It continues the I Latin American Encounter of the Theater of the Pressed one

It is developed in different scenes with factories, tables panels and representations.

From the past Friday the I is developed in our province Latin American Encounter of Theater of the Pressed one.

The activities for the today day, will begin to 9 with the gratuitous factory titled Introduction to the Theater of the Pressed one, coordinated by Francy Alvarez Jaramillo of Colombia, Iván Zépola Valdéz and Hanah Ubar of Mexico and Alejandra Diaz of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the Theater of the Return of the Century, located in Senator Perez 178.

From the 9 and, to the 17, a factory of deepening for the participants of Encuentro will be developed that they already come working with the methodology from the Theater of the Pressed one, integrated by a quota of 30 people and coordinated by Geo Brito of in center Multipurpose Brazil of Arts.

In the evening, the activities will begin to 15 with the elaboration of a work for public space and collective construction of in center Multipurpose knowledge of Art.

In Stage 1, the participants of Encuentro of Theater of the Pressed one will work in the expressive thing of joint way generating a work group that will be shown in the streets of San Salvador de Jujuy day 23 of the current.

For the 17,30, the theater piece will be exhibited forum “What Wave with Borges? of the group the Hell of the Alive ones in the reclaimed sheds “Tupaj Katari?.

Later, from 19 to 21, a table will form panel whom the thematic one of the “Theater of the Pressed one will approach and Education? that will be in charge of the group the Hell of the Alive ones of Federal Capital, in center Multipurpose of Arts.

By more information, the interested ones will have to communicate with Gabriela Morel to the 156852395

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