When the horror makes us dance to rate of ská

With six years of Young Barren scene it gained his space to touch Sunday with the great ones of the rock, in the Delmi.

Chosen between several bands to touch next to Fabulous the Cadillacs, the Cafres and Blind Perro, the next Sunday to 22, in the Delmi, within the framework of the Quilmes Rock in Jump, noveles CalmaNiño has aroused the attention of the local specialists and the ones in charge of present national recitales in the selection. With their novel proposal of " horro-ská ", the CalmaNiño little views in the local and national scene operate expresivas possibilities. Sort deals with own, where musical styles that go from hard rock to ská or reggae, with a poetic one intercross that speech of social commitment, indigenismo, much " salteñidad " and a scene that can be compared to the " theater of the horror ". The power that unfolds their five members with this formula is not of easy digestion, but it cannot either happen unnoticed. “We want to be a slap. An explosion that arrives to him at the public?, says Gnomo Sagar, singer, composer and " front man? of the group, who is conformed by Gnomo, Mini Sagar in rythmical guitar, Bubú in action, Gremlin in rythmical guitar and Sissor in first guitar.


Outside of SADAIC, where the musicians went to register their works, Gnomo it tells that CalmaNiño has been being born for six years " like the necessity to make specific a complete scene, not only of music but also of the lyrical line of vision next to a political-social one, united simultaneously with myths of the region. And to do it by means of a scene with horror that ironice the present social situation of a gallant and grotesque form ".

The spectacle of CalmaNiño, then, “has a great artistic weight but a form very little commercial to communicate. To deny us to that is a way to sincerar to us with the public, to give our expression without no lie that is put in the middle?, says Gnomo.

For the musicians, an alternative scene to " the commercial thing exists that it sets out the rock ". But they affirm that its spectacle, although full of horror, “does not have anything to do with the satanic thing, neither with the obscurantism dark, nor nothing of that. It is a way to ironizar to the society and to give to the public the possibility of acceding in a proposal that does not neglect the experimentation in the line of vision. In addition, to show the stupid idiot thing that can get to be some situations?, indicates Gnomo. The band announces the accomplishment of the " Inti Rock? in December and of the " Fest Horror? with pin parade up by the end of January.

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