Dance Jazz Ballet offers a show From the Soul

The spectacle will be carried out, from the 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

Everything is ready to today live the spectacle “From Soul 2009?, of the group Dance Jazz Ballet, that directs the dancer, professor and coreógrafo salteño Iván Barrientos. The appointment will be carried out from the 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Davalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

“This year we come however, aside from presenting/displaying choreographies that obtained first prizes and gold medals as interpreters and gold medal to the best choreography in VIII the Inter-American Contest of Dance in Jump 2009, also we obtained the first prize to the best choreography in the Modern contest Jazz, that will allow us to dance in the Luna Park stage, of Buenos Aires. In addition, we were invited again by Valeria Lynch to participate in 5º Congress the International of Musical comedies and You operate Rock, that will be realized the next year?, commented Barrientos.

The spectacle will be divided in two parts and different styles from dance will be able to be appreciated: modern, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. Also professors Eugenia Simesen and Karina Médici will present/display choreographies.

Dance Jazz Ballet is integrated by: Gabriela Herbas, Veronica Turin Aráoz, Daniela Chávez, Eliana Aryan, Yesica Villarubia, Eugenia Simesen, Karina Médici, Julieta Teruel, Victory Morals, Fátima Gil, Paola Espinoza, Pablo Dimitracoff, Javier Villagra, Sebastián Toconás, Pablo Aguirre, Exequiel Archimot and Diego Dominate. Also students of initial and intermediate level will participate.


Iván Barrientos also will have to its position the work “They… only want to amuse itself?, to be fulfilled tomorrow, from the 22, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps - General Güemes 434-.

One is a group of boys who want to present/display a spectacle and they do not leave them end up, them persecuting the police, but “They…? they achieve its objective and is to be able to make the show in a theater. The show has choreographies, numbers of transformismo, live songs and a quota of theater, that is the nexus of desopilante history.

They will recreate musical pictures of great artists, like being: Isabel Pantoja, Dove San Basilio, Chita Creek, Sara Brigtman, Rafaella Carrá, Nicole Kidman, Cristina Eyrie, Fever, Lady Marmalade, etc.

The artists of this history are: Paul Diamond, Gustavo the Diaz, Georgina Mons, Ariel Vega and Cristan Rivas, who give life to the personages of Mine D Ricci, Lola Hawn, Shirley and Dominique Star.

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