“Davueltando? in Culturarte

One will project today to 19 with free and gratuitous entrance.

This behind schedule to 19, it will continue the cycle of cinema “Watched on Jujuy and Salta?, with the projection of the documentary “Davueltando (Music and celebrations in Eastern valleys of height of Jujuy) of Blas Moreau, in center Cultural Culturarte.

The entrance is free and gratuitous and like in every week, a presentation will be made subsequent to of the film and the projection, a debate between the presents.

This documentary form leaves from an investigation on musics and celebrations in Eastern valleys of height, coordinated by Radek Sanchez and an equipment of the Andean Center for the Education and the Culture Music Tilcara Hope, for the Program “the Voice of Without Voice? that counted on the technical coordination of Susana Moreau.

“Davueltando? tries to recreate the musical and festive annual calendar of Valleys, as it knows them commonly, concentrating in the daily routine of the inhabitants of the zone and in its relation with the active forces of the half-full nature by music.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

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