Of iron we are, sculptures of Pounding Velasco

In the Museum House of Aryans Rengel, Florida 20, the exhibition of iron sculptures can be visited until month end we are, of the artist salteña To pound Velasco.

Sculptor, Velasco is licensed in Plastic Arts Specialty withdrawn Sculpture of the National University of Tucuman.

At the moment, one evolves as in the School of Beautiful Arts Takings educational Goatherd in the levels baccalaureate, teaching staff and in free factories of nonformal education.

Lotufo daisy has commented its work: “The rhetoric of Pounding Velasco restores itself sustained in the slight and calm eloquence of the metal; in the resignificación of constituent pieces of industrial structures and in net volumes that play with one inspired and wise specialty.

Each structure arises conformed on the basis of the wise union of pieces that originally were construídas to comprise of machines and tools of work, whose forms were given by the utility which they rendered. Now, they are transfiguran in bodies, dresses, peinetones and they become horses, women, riders.

(...) Each sculpture speaks to us of the capacity of the artist, to aptrir of an intelligent handling of the constituent elements of the visual language, to construct imaginary worlds, to establish illusions, to create inmaterialidades to patrir of the matter, to turn into real, the unreality. “

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