“Of tango we are?, an appointment with citizen music

Directed by Miguel Quiroga and the Ana Saavedra they will present/display its show next to the orchestra High Tango.

The Ballet Jumps Tango next to the orchestra High Tango present/display the tango spectacle “we are?, a proposal that fuses the dance of 2x4 in his but varied styles and characteristics. They will be two functions: the first today to the 21,15 in small square IV Centuries of our city, with free entrance. The other, tomorrow to 21 in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, with entrance to $25. Both supported by the Direction of Culture of the Municipality.

One is two different spectacles, although both have a common denominator, that it is citizen music, a rate that already is very spread in our province and also in the northwest.

On the matter, the director of the Ballet Jumps Tango, Miguel Quiroga, expressed to the Tribuno
: “For eleven years that we come mainly working and teaching tango in our academies. But most important of this he is that it was a constant work not only in which to education talks about, but also in which it does to the diffusion of this rate in a province as folkloric as It jumps. Nowadays the boys are numerous who approach our body of dance to learn and to specialize in tango, I I would say almost to the same level that in the folklore academies?.

On this spectacle that presents/displays today and tomorrow, he added Quiroga, “we had the idea to join salteños artists that they prevail in the world and for it we summoned to the Orchestra `High Tango', that is directed by salteño, Sworn the Rubén teacher, who in addition is musical recognizing that develops to its activity in the Theater Columbus? maintained Quiroga.

“We proposed to Him to make a show like in Buenos Aires, with production of the Ballet Tango Jumps, and acceded immediately?.

The one of today in small square IV Centuries will include classic pictures of dance and as “What is going to speak to me of love?, “Bad meeting?, “the voice of Buenos Aires? “Bird of passage? “Nonino Goodbye? and “the Cumparsita?, in charge of the soloists Robert Minondi and Soledad Flowers.

Quiroga added that this evening looks for, in addition, “to show the public salteño to him that does not have opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires to appreciate shows which they appear there, with musicians of high level. The evening of today Monday will be an advance of which it will appear tomorrow in the House of the Culture?, maintained Miguel Quiroga.

Bond to mention that the orchestra High Tango is conformed by six Argentine musicians of international trajectory and in this opportunity will be accompanied by two vocalistas of reputation.


The Ballet Jumps Tango has 28 dancers, between young people and majors, that will mount a show of international level where diverse styles of the most traditional tango will unfold crossing from at the most modern, respecting each style.

“It cost much to impose to us and to attract youth towards our group. Today we counted even on people of very short age within the ballet whose average is of 22 years. We have dancers not only of capital, but also of several points of the interior salteño, like Metán, Oran, Rosary of the Border, Cafayate, places where the public is very enthusiastic?, asserted the director of the Ballet Jumps Tango.

It added that “it was obtained during eleven years that we took of artistic life with the ballet that the youth of Jumps inclines anywhere in the world by this dance so venerated. It is certain that in It jumps breathes folklore and that this heading dominates the essence of the popular culture in our province. But the tango wins more and more adept and this demonstrates in diverse tanguerías and academies that spread this rate, that is more and more?.

“With Ana Saavedra we had been 15 years working together, reason why it is our passion: the tango?.

On the matter, Quiroga expressed with satisfaction that both were declared correspondents in Jumps of the National Academy of the Tango. “An honor us to represent that prestigious organization?.

Finally, Miguel Quiroga thanked for to the Direction of Culture of the Municipality and his holder, poet Hugo Ovalle, by the received support.

The entrances for the morning show are for sale in House of the Culture, to a value of 25 pesos.

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