from the 21 to the 24 of April the IIº Encuentro de Arte 10 will be realized

With the participation of the Secretary of Culture of the Province of It jumps, from the 21 to the 24 of April will be realized in Jumps the II° Encuentro de Arte 10. The same will turn around the thematic axis the different artistic languages and the produced social movements.

They also take part in this encounter: the Company of Contemporary Dance Culture Nation, Pro-Culture Jumps, the Foundation Art and Movement (Buenos Aires) the Center of Corporal Education (Buenos Aires), the Institute Superior of Teaching staff of Art and the Contemporary Ballet directed by Sandra Píccolo. Also they adhered the Direction of art of Culture Nation (Buenos Aires); the National University of Jumps, through its Department of Cultural Extension and the Ministry of Education of the Province of Jumps.

He is destined to investigators, artists, educational, managing cultural, students and to all those people interested in the thematic ones of Encuentro, that one will organize with the presentation and attendance to communications, factories, courses, pósters, samples and functions.

The communications will be developed in the Conference hall of Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331) and the spectacles in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos and Mecano Room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

The thematic axes will turn around six points: 1. Innovating practices in relation to the Art and the Education; 2. The dance and the theater: the present agenda of its education and learning (problematic present of the Didactics of the dance and the theater, problematic on the learning of the dance and the theater; 3. Investigations in relation to the artistic phenomenon; 4. The artistic fact and its different manifestations; 5. Signs and symbols in the Art; 6. Tie cultural and educative policies to the artistic fact.

The Organizing Commission of Encuentro will receive until the 28 from March proposals for the accomplishment of round tables, symposiums and other academic activities on subjects noncontemplated in the thematic axes.

Tariffs: Exhibitors $70, Coreógrafos or Directores of groups $70, Assistants $50, Students: $30.

Majors information to the electronic mail: encuentroartesalta@hotmail.comEsta direction of electronic mail is protected against robots of Spam, needs to have activated Javascript to be able to see it

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