DENISE MURZ is the young person who is outlined as the next star electro MGP, and is prepared for its next show that will be Saturday 10 of July in the STUDY BAR of Jet Seth.

The night of the next Saturday promises to be explosive, a celebration of live electro MGP with the music of Denise Murz and its band. In order to overwhelm the night, the best music of the world from Cordova, THE TOXIC TWINS, the quartet of these recognized men of the Cordovan radios they add to the night look to him arty, with a musical Seth thought as a sensorial trip accompanied by suggestive images.

A vanguard show, the music that listens to the world in a celebration that it has of everything.

From 22Hs electro has dinner + menus

00:30 Hs DENISE MURZ + electro MGP live!

02:30 Hs THE TOXIC TWINS with all the music of the world in trays + audio-visual projections of vanguard.



(with dinner your it passes free for the celebration)


Denise Murz burst in into the scene electro MGP of Buenos Aires of a not at all conventional way. One was not worth of godfathers you celebrate nor of the aid of a seal but of the technological resources of the new era.

She herself cheered up to mount her own campaign in the Web, under the motto “pirateame everything?, to spread to her disc debut, “Pretentious?, published in the Web of gratuitous way in her own site and under the innovating license Creative Commons. This license allows that the artist releases certain rights to his public, as the one of reproduction and diffusion and that does that who unload the disc, are not committing a crime.

When after a year, “Pretentious? he surpassed the 30 thousand unloadings, Denise Murz became a perfect example of the mentality “do it yourself? in the era of the 2.0

While the unloadings of their music grew, Denise took the most important scenes from the city of Buenos Aires, in discotheques like Niceto cultural like the French Alliance, CC San Calm Martin and CC, festivales Club, and The Roxy, centers like Code the Country, One Dot Zero and until the March of the Gay Pride, and his shows gained an important reputation.

Inspired by its majors influences; Madonna, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode and Kylie Minogue, Denise and its band, composed by the DJ Rover Top, the Charly drummer Father and the VJ and visual artist Agustín Ratti, were in charge to mount shameless an invitation to the track of dance accompanied by esthetic retro futurist amazing.

Denise in addition, released its first video paper clip of the subject that gives name him to its disc. At the moment the paper clip is in rotation in two of the main musical channels of TV in Argentina: “Much Music? and “I want Music in my language?, where for months one is between 15 subjects MGP more asking.

In few Denise days it will release a new video paper clip. On the other hand, after an edition of remixes of “Pretentious?, that also can unload from the site of the artist, the successive disc of “Pretentious? promises to see the light before year end.

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