Parade to benefit of the work of Chifri father

They come Benito Fernandez with the presentation from the super models Dolores Barreiro and Analia Maiorana.

The next Friday 4 of June, to 20, Benito Fernandez will present/display its collection autumn - winter 2010 in an exclusive parade in Hotel DESIGN SUITES to Benefit of Obra of Chifri Father

The event will count on the presence of the recognized national models Dolores Barreiro and Analía Maiorana and the participation of 15 local models of Incanto Agency Models. All the hairdo innovation will be able to be appreciated, in charge of the prestigious stylist Miguel Ruhl.

Benito Fernandez, is one of the designers more met the country. In his curriculum one stands out that it dresses to Princess Real Maxima Holland and her family. Also to recognized figures like Dolores Barreiro, Pampita, Andrea Frigerio and Natalia Wolf.

Part of its last collection Ethnic group, will see in the new film of “Sex & the City?, that finishes releasing in the USA.

The designer chose to the Province of Jumps like scene for the photographic production of his collection to which he called “Rock in Jumps? and for the accomplishment of his parade launching.

He is possible to emphasize that Chifri Father has the pastoral task to take care of 25 communities and 18 schools pertaining to hills of the Locality of Rosary of Lerma and the Gorge of the Toro. The present mission concentrates in the construction of 1er Secondary School-Lodge of “the Alfarcito?.

The organization this in charge of agency INCANTO MODELS (

Besides enjoying the new tendencies of the fashion, the assistants will be able to taste an exquisite cocktail of restaurant BOLDNESS.

The entrances for sale are in INCANTO MODELS: Eucalyptuses 234 - tel 4398068 - to Leguizamn 683 and Caretakers 826/GARBBO: Miter 79

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