Tristis diadem returns to the scenes with fusion and poetry

The group reconstructs with its melodies the landscapes of the Argentine northwest and it adds a special touch to them.

Tristis diadem returns tonight to the scene, to 21,30, in Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331), after a parenthesis of two years. The musical group conformed by Fernando Medina (percussion, voice and guitar), Alexander Medina (guitar), Fernando Subelza (violin) and Carlos Go'mez (quena, quenacho and sikus) will today present/display some of the subjects that will comprise of their second disc and the poem book “Pilgrim of stations?, of Alexander Medina.

The new musical proposal of the band will conserve the instrumental style folk that characterized to its first record material “Ways of relief?, but no longer will include the style “metal? that also marked the first album. The production of Tristis Diadem “will continue indicating from where we come and which are our cultural roots?, affirmed Alexander Medina in an interview with the Tribuno.

In the presentation of the book “Pilgrim of stations? will accompany to the author poets Mercedes Saravia and Gustavo Rubens Omen. This second work of Alexander Medina offers a series of stories that illustrate the different emotional stages that the human being in the enamoramiento crosses. The psychic landscapes are painted using a parallelism with the stations of the year.

They spent two years without Tristis Diadem appeared in the scenes of the province. “We have not had long time to arm a spectacle. In addition, it is very difficult to secure a place. The majority of the premises enough is structured - in relation with the sorts at the time of choosing musical groups. But we have thought to prepare a recital for the next months?, assured the musician and writer. And it added: “We did not live on music but for music?.

In the presentation of today, the band will incorporate to Federico Fernandez, who will replace to Carlos Go'mez in the execution of the wind instruments.

A style, a history

Tristis diadem was born in 2002 on the initiative of Fernando Medina, who next to his brother Alexander they started up east project, in that mix its musical tastes. To Alexander it likes plus music celta and the European folklore; to Fernando, the traditional folklore. Thus Tristis Diadem arose, a band that at the time of composing its subjects make speak to some native instruments like charango, quena, sikus, the big drum, chaschas or toyo.

About the name Diadema Tristis, Alexander Medina indicated that “he makes reference to a calm place, a virgin place where one can reflect and, sometimes, the reflection can be returned sad or no. Sends, really, to a natural space, overwhelmed with peace?, concluded the musician.

Proposal based on the fusion of styles

In its musical proposal, Tristis Diadem uses a rich range of rates of the Argentine northwest, like vidala and zamba, but only like accessory elements: “We incorporated ingredients of our culture and our roots to a musical style that it does not have to do with the traditional thing of our province.

In other countries also these fusions are made of styles and native instruments are gotten up, but when varying the instruments and the rates, the result is always different from the folk music, is something completely different?, explained Alexander Medina.

The musical studies that have the members of the band surely enrich the product at the time of the creation. In relation to the musicians amateurs, Alexander Medina said: “We cannot put us in the paper to judge others and what they are doing. We think that thus they are amateurs or professional, whenever the musicians bet to the art is necessary to recognize them and to value them?.

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