(CASE 39/the 109 suspension USA 2008/min. approx)
Director: Christian Alvart - with: Renée Zellweger, Jodelle Ferland, Ian McShane, Bradley Cooper
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: English and Spanish
Subtitles: English Spanish and

A social assistant, Emily (Zellweger), rescues of a conflicting home to the small Lilith (Jodelle Ferland), after their parents tried to assassinate it. It only seems to be another lamentable case of familiar violence. But, certain attitudes of the girl, cause that Emily suspects that there is something sinister when, not less, diabolic in his traumatized psiquis; something supernatural that terrifies its parents and damages to all that one whom it is crossed in his way, even, to that they try to want it.
The German Christian Alvart (Pandorum) makes debut like director in Hollywood with this tape of suspension, realized rather well, but that does not surpass the average of this type of products and he is located below recent (and enough superior) “the orphan?.

The best thing: Jodelle Ferland, a serious promise.
The worse thing: that eternal face gesture of Zellweger, type: “I am becoming lean a lemon?.

Qualification: PASSABLE

(The ghost writer/thriller Germany, England, the 125 USA 2010/min. approx)
Director: Roman Polanski - with: Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Williams, Kim Cattrall, Tom Wilkinson, Eli Wallach
Publishing video: T.V.E.
Languages of Audio: English
Subtitles: English Spanish and

British prime minister Adam Lang (Brosnan) is itself surrounded in an international scandal of violation the human rights At the same time involves that it with the company, the writer attends who it in the writing of his memories dies in strange accident. Reason why contract to other, young and very competent (McGregor). This ghost writer retires to work to the island where Lang resides with its retinue of assistants, advisers and their wife (Williams), while the controversy intensifies. Nevertheless, the boy will begin to tie ends, as made and situations they lead precise it to the truth, which, in these layers of being able, usually are very dangerous.
With the collaboration of Robert Harris (author of the original novel) in the adaptation, Roman Polanski directs an impeccable thriller, in which the putting in scene, the handling of the suspension (with dose of sarcasm) and the direction of actors, confirm their masters for this difficult sort.
Polanski could not retire its prize to Better Director (by this it films) in the recent Festival of Cinema of Berlin, for being arrested in Switzerland, as a result of a case of estupro (in the USA) has that it like protagonist, and who goes back by the end of the seventy.

The best thing: the work of an exceptional list in which it emphasizes the dear Eli Wallach, to the 95 years, the foot of the tube.
The worse thing: that its great formal elegance can squash to some.

Qualification: VERY GOOD

(Idem Colombia, the 116 USA 2008/min. approx)
Director: Simón Brand - with: Aldemar Draws out, Angelica Blandón, Ana of the Reguera, John Leguizamo, Pink Daisy of Francisco, Vicky Rolls
Languages of Audio: Original Spanish (including dialogs in English)
Subtitles: English Spanish and

Marlon decides to follow Queen in its crazy company to emigrate to the USA and to thus fulfill its part of the American dream. Suddenly, the boy is lost, without his girl, hungry and ill, in the streets of a cruel New York, stranger. It spends the time and between the memory of Queen and those of that one sickly trip illegally brought that them to Yankee ground, Marlon follows obsessed by knowledge that was of the woman dragged who it to that impossible adventure. Meanwhile, it constructs a new life, helped by compatriots, who like him, arrived in tries better of a future. Thus, one will become of friendly and another love: Miracles. Nevertheless, the image of Queen will not take in returning to oppress it, this time, to give a definitive turn to its histories.
Using as a list of recognized figures of the Colombian television: Angelica Blandón (Wrists of the Mafia), Aldemar Strap (Young rich, poor parents), Pink Daisy of Francisco (Coffee with woman aroma), plus gorgeous the Mexican Ana of the Reguera (Free Nacho) and John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge, Spawn), the Colombian producer Simón Brand obtains films sensible and near, from the great novel of Frank Jorge (Rosary Scissors).
Cinema of social relief, including melodrama, is this tape another approach (valuable, as “Without name “and “American Visa?) to that phenomenon so Latin American devastating as it is it the uprooting.

The best thing: its invoice, impeccable.
The worse thing: the difficulty that represents to see it in a format decente*

Qualification: VERY GOOD

* not yet it was released in our country, reason why it is necessary to look for it in some alternative circuit.

Sergio A. Villanueva. -

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