(idem. /Drama Argentina 2010/105 min. approx)
Director: Pablo Ragman - with: Ricardo Darín, Martina Gusmán, Darío Valenzuela
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: Castilian
Subtitles: English and Castilian

Soda (Darín) is a lawyer (with suspended license) who spends his nights to the hunting of the infortunadas victims of traffic accidents. It is a owl that like the back of her hand knows the operativity ambulances and sanatoriums. Its work consists of arriving before nobody, helping to help the victims and to orient the situation in favor of the corporation for which it works. It is more, collaborates in mounting “accidents? with the purpose of to swindle to the insurers. The caught one is great and in her it has involved judges and police. Until the arrival of Luján doctor (Gusmán) to its life does that I reframed myself if his is to obtain with the other people's misfortune. To do the correct thing and to leave so impure business will have a high cost for the lawyer.
After his great work with “Leonera?, Pablo Ragman follows in his eagerness to ficcionalizar heartrendering, real, urban dramas, and in setting out the human conducts against the situations limits. Without obtaining the narrative forcefulness of previous works, Ragman guesses right in the climate handling and maintaining the attention of the chronicle spectator certain with which they have it to the reporters familiarized.

The best thing: to say Darín, it is not a obviedad?
The worse thing: that Ragman continues promising to be to jump at the next level: sort cinema.

Qualification: GOOD

(The losers/the 105 Action USA 2010/min. approx)
Director: Sylvain White - with: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldaña, Chris Evans
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: English and Castilian
Subtitles: Castilian and English

A extreme commando of the Yankee military, specialized in suicidal missions cuasi is sent to Bolivian territory with the purpose of to disarticulate the operations of a powerful narcotics trafficker. What it seems to be a mission to the use, is in fact one facade perpetrated by corrupt jerarca of the company, that persecutes its own multimillionaire interests, to the point of being a potential threat for the world. The soldiers are given by deads, but in fact they stay hidden in the shades in the hope of the opportunity that allows them to take revenge itself of the man who tried to eliminate them.
Cradle in a Comic-Book of seal DC, “the losers? is a self-sufficient film of action, with script of Peter Berg (Hancock), who without car to demand itself much more that the simple rules of the sort, entertain with right doses of humor and violence.

The best thing: that, within the same sort, it is superior to recent (and ordinary) “the Brigade To?
The worse thing: what, in spite of their attractiveness, Zoe Saldaña (Transformation) is so flacucha.

Qualification: PASSABLE

(idem. /fantasy, comedy, the 110 suspension USA 1984/min. approx)
Director: Joe Dante - with: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton, Keye Luke
Publishing video: AVH
Languages of Audio: English and Castilian
Subtitles: Castilian and English

Billy (Zach Galligan) finishes receiving from its father, mediocre inventor, the gift estrambótico than a young person can try for Christmases: a strange and hairy being. Only that, this comes with a series of not less strange warnings: not to wet it, not to expose it to the strong light and, mainly, not to feed it after the midnight. By all means, the rules are made to break themselves, and the consequences will be diabolically funny. Now, everything a town is at the mercy of the mortal pranks of gremlins.
That to say of this classic one of the ochentero familiar cinema. The sum of talents of Spielberg in the production, Chris Columbus (My poor little angel, Harry Potter and the philosopher stone) in the script and the brilliant Joe Dante (Piraña, Looney Tunes again in action) in the direction, do for all time of this film one of the favorites and by all the public. Finally published in DVD in Argentina.

The best thing: everything, and especially the preciosura of Phoebe Cates.
The worse thing: that there is not chances that the sequel that comes (in 3D) it is going to equal (in quality) to this.
Qualification: EXCELLENT
Sergio A. Villanueva. -

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