Edith Piaf arrives at a scene salteño from the hand from the dance and the theater

The work “Edith? will be presented/displayed the 24 of September, with script of the writer Victor Fernandez Esteban. Also Cristina Idiarte will participate to the actress. The paper of “the Sparrow of Paris? in the dance will be to cargode Sandra Rearte.

47 years of their disappearance, the figure and the voice of Edith Piaf throughout the world continue being a symbol of the French culture and a memory unforgettable. In It jumps, “the Sparrow of Paris? also mobilized the memory and the creativity of artists who embarked in the task of rewriting - to traverse of the dance, the action and the word the life of this exceptional singer. The result: “Edith?, a dance work - theater that will release Sandra Píccolo with its contemporary ballet, the 24 of September, in the House of the Culture.

The spectacle will recover the 25 of September and the 30 of October and will count on the special participation of Cristina Idiarte, who will thread the danced sequences are her action.

The biographical story required, in this occasion, that the spectacle directed by Píccolo counted on an original script. The text is a free version of the life of Edith Piaf and takes the company/signature of Victor Fernandez Esteban.

Through the mixture of dance and theater, the public will be able to enjoy a new version of the life of “the Piaf?, personage who by these days shines in the marquees of Buenos Aires thanks to the interpretation of the singer Elena Roger.

He counts the history that Piaf was born in a culvert of Paris, in December of 1915. Daughter of

an alcoholic street singer and of an artist who left soon it, left a dark brothel to captivate to the world with his broken and strident voice.

Nothing was easy for her, nor still in the top of the fame. Besides undergoing an accelerated physical deterioration as a result of its addiction to the alcohol and morphine, “the Sparrow? lavishly squandered its love in men who never knew to correspond to him. Its solitude was dreadful in the middle of the success and the outcry of the public.

In “Edith?, Píccolo will try to reflect each one of the shades of the anxious life of Piaf with a structure of five scenes and ruptures generated by break weather that it pushes towards the evocation. “The route of the life of Edith includes from its childhood to its early death. The scenes approach certain landmarks of their existence, because hers has been an overflowing life?, advanced Píccolo.

During the putting the unmistakable voice of “the Sparrow? will be able also to be listened and music of classic like Mozart and Beethoven.

“Although ours it is the contemporary dance, the work also has reminiscences of the folklore and other ingredients that one is enlanzando?, explained the director.

Píccolo added that the personage of Edith was boarded from a very particular vision, frees. “Because I do not want that he is comparable - it limited. In this adventure I have the luck to be accompanied by very talented people as Victor Fernandez Esteban, Cristina Idiarte, I watch Barraza (stage scene) and Jorge Mimessi (lights)?.

Mixture of languages

It is the first time that the Contemporary Ballet of Sandra Píccolo presents/displays a guionada work. “I believe that the use of another language enriches the text much, or choreographic or literary?, it indicated the director.

On the other hand, the writer Victor Fernandez Esteban told that the script of “Edith? is written from the impact that meant for him the voice of the singer: “He is to go and to come from the memories, that are still dramatic in spite of their overwhelming brightness?.

For Idiarte, in as much, to incarnate to Edith is “an incredible pride?.

“I see a nostalgic dream in this Piaf that, for any actress, is a great challenge?, it added. He emphasized that his personage will have a deployment: “It is the Piaf that its life reviews and the Piaf that dances, incarnated skillfully by Sandra Rearte. Three, four could or thousands Piaf, because when the public sees the work it will be able to complete the final sense of this stirring history?, concluded the actress salteña.

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