“The angel and demon of the spectacle?

Number one of the spectacle, Jorge Rial, already arrived at the theater with a show in which it surprises.
The Newspaper of the Spectacle advances the dates to you of September, October, November and December. In addition the new presentations.

As of Friday 4 of September, the conductor initiated a tour by all the country with this spectacle that he gives that to speak.

The work, that counts on the putting in scene of the recognized playwright Manuel González Gil, music of Martin Bianchedi and choreography of Rubén Neck, is already causing great repercussion in the public who turned upside down massively to the ticket offices of the theater to obtain his ticket for the debut of Rial.

In “the Angel and Demon of the spectacle? Rial it represents a journalist who, by error, leaves the Earth before time and that is in the dilemma between counting everything what knows of the national nonsense to be able to save its life and to return to the Earth or not to do it. This fact will be the trigger for the revelation of the secrets better kept from the nonsense, with a surprising end where the public will decide the luck of the personage.

They accompany to Jorge Rial two actresses - dancing and singing in this spectacle, that in addition will have musical moments with choreographies of Rubén Neck, music especially composed by Martin Bianchedi, and the putting in scene in charge of prestigious Director Manuel González Gil. The general production is of Javier Faroni.

This next weekend, “the angel and demon of the spectacle? will be:

- Friday 25: It jumps, Theater Of the Orchard, Pueyrredón 175.
- Saturday 26: Jujuy, Cinema Theater Alpha, Patricias Argentine 360.
- Domingo 27: Tucuman, Alberdi Theater, Crisostomo Alvarez and Jujuy.

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